Party Like a Green Star

Eco-friendly birthday bashes affordable, fun

You shouldn’t want to rip your hair out while planning your child’s birthday party. Unfortunately, for many parents the financial cost and shear amount of work can be panic inducing. You don’t have to break the bank to have a great party, though. With a little innovation and research, you easily can arrange a day that is affordable, unique and eco-friendly.

The first step is choosing a theme. Superhero and princess party themes are common, but haven’t we all been there, done that. Now, a green theme is easier than you think and it can save money and the environment, too. Younger kids may enjoy a garden theme. You’ll need small planting pots, soil, seeds and kid-safe paint. Let the little ones decorate the pot and plant the seeds. It’s not only a great activity for the party but a wonderful party favor for the kids to take home. For older children, throw a natural-product spa party or put a twist on the traditional sleepover by setting up a tent in the backyard creating a safe and unique camping experience.

If you want to avoid the after-party cleanup, the Lotus Room is one of the most unique party venues in the area, allowing the kids to experience a healthy way to have fun. The Kula Kids Yoga party includes yoga play, games and arts and crafts.

Even the small, but important details, such as invitations, can go green. offers thousands of designs that are 100 percent eco-friendly and that kids are sure to love. Once invitations are out of the way, the next step is deciding which fun activities to include.

Many little girls love the pampering of a spa party, but it may not be so relaxing to find the products for a natural-product spa party. Luckily offers kid-friendly nail polishes with fun names, such as “Eat Your Peace,” and a “Birthday Bash” gift set of polishes. If the little birthday boy demands adventure and excitement, go above and beyond pin the tail on the donkey and a pinata, challenging them with a scavenger hunt or let the little partiers create their own capes and masks. provides all the materials you’ll need.

When it comes to giving and receiving gifts, it can get daunting. The last thing a parent wants to do is upset their child on his birthday, but it doesn’t hurt your child or your wallet if you’re a little inventive. Homemade gifts can be meaningful and likely will last longer than the latest toy. Now, there’s nothing wrong with giving toys but there are other options, such as a photo collage. has a gift for the child who has it all. Parents, grandparents and family friends can turn digital photos into keepsakes. If the child is a bookworm, give her the gift of reading with, the Netflix of the publishing world. For a flat monthly fee, it provides unlimited reading options.

Teaching a child to give also is one of life’s most important lessons. Parents can set up a fund to donate to their child’s favorite wildlife fund, charity or any other cause they would like. Partygoers can donate to that fund instead of bringing a present. A great website to visit to pick a charity is Another great idea is to open a savings account for college, camps or trips that guests also can contribute to in lieu of a gift.

Happy planning and happy birthday.


It is no secret that planning birthday parties is not always the easiest or most enjoyable job. It seems as if everything has already been done before or it is not affordable. Here are some websites to help you plan.

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