Mosaic Grow a Veggie Challenge Winners!

We are pleased to announce the winners of The Mosaic Company’s Grow a Veggie Challenge!

In first place: Jackson B.

Jackson Tampa Bay Parenting 2014

Jackson wins a $500 CD from Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union, tickets to the Lowry Park Zoo, MOSI, The Florida Aquarium, and the Glazer Children’s Museum, as well as gardening supplies and books. Not to mention a feature in and subscription to Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine, and a subscription to Organic Gardening Magazine!


First Runner Up: Merry G.

Merry Tampa Bay Parenting June 2014

Merry wins tickets to the Lowry Park Zoo, Boing! Jump Centers, and MOSI, as well as some books to read!


Second Runner Up: Lindsey W.

Lindsey W Tampa Bay Parenting June 2014

Lindsey wins tickets to MOSI, Boing! Jump Centers, and the Lowry Park Zoo!


Third Runner-up Mae S.

Mae S Tampa Bay Parenting June 2014

Mae wins a selection of books and DVDs!


Final Runner Up: Tommy G.

Tommy G Tampa Bay Parenting June 2014

Tommy wins newly released books and DVDs!

Congratulations to the winners! Keep gardening!

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