5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Tampa Bay

5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants You Need to Try in Tampa Bay!

Don’t be afraid to take the kids out to dinner! We get it and we’ve totally been there–some restaurants aren’t the best place for restless kids and toddlers which is why we put together this list of 5 kid-friendly restaurants in Tampa Bay! We’ve tried them and we can  guarantee the whole family will have a great time!

Game Time in Ybor City

If you have hyper kids and need a way for them to burn some energy Game Time offers a variety of games like Skeeball, Air Hockey, and Dance Dance Revolution. While the family waits for their entrees they can enjoy playing games and winning tickets which beats them having to wait restlessly for the food to arrive. Game Time offers a complete menu of family meals to share, along with adult entrees and kids meal classics.


Johnny Rockets in the Citrus Park area of Tampa and International Plaza in Tampa

Johnny Rockets offers great food for picky eaters including chicken tenders, hot dogs and PB&J sandwiches. Children can enjoy singing along with the waiters and waitresses to YMCA when the jukebox blasts the classic tune. The 1950s style diner lets kids decorate and wear paper hats that are identical to the waiters hats. Located at Westfield Citrus Park and a NEW location at International Plaza in Tampa.


Kraftologee in Riverview

Kraftologee is new and unique restaurant concept in Tampa Bay that’s perfect for families! It’s located in Riverview, just off of the Selmon Expressway. Parents can enjoy a sip of Buddy Brew coffee or an adult beverage while the kids engage in super fun supervised play in the Creative Labs! Kids can build with LEGO bricks, create art and more! Kraftologee also serves delicious food for all!


Eats! American Grill in Tampa and Riverview

On sports nights it can be hard to get the whole family out of the house. Usually what’s on every husbands mind is will I be able to see the football game at the restaurant we go to? Reassure him he has nothing to worry about because Eats!American Grill offers an array of HD TV’s so he can watch his favorite team play. Are you worried about what your child might be watching? At each table there are audio channels so you can choose what you want your child to listen to. In addition children can enjoy several children’s movies that are displayed on select TV’s.


Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill in Clearwater Beach

This beachfront restuarant is a long time family-friendly favorite in Tampa Bay! Sink your toes in the sand while the kids build sandcastles before you head in for lunch or dinner–the grouper is always delicious! Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill is a great place to enjoy a sunset with the family!

And if the idea of going out is too much, maybe take some time with your significant other and try one of many Tampa Bay cooking classes put together by our friends at Tampa Bay Date Night Guide!


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