Florida Celebrate Literacy Week

Pick Up a Book and Celebrate Literacy Week!

Did you know reading to your child for at least 20 minutes each day can help promote their success today and in the future?

Florida is celebrating Literacy Week this week across the state as the Just Read, Florida! program aims to help the state’s 2.8 million students become independent, successful readers. This year’s theme is “Literacy Changes Our World.” Children are encouraged to share a book this week, whether they share a book with a friend or classmate, donate a book or even have their parent read to their class.

While your children are exposed to books and other reading materials in school, it’s equally as important for them to be reading while at home. Studies have also proven that children who are read to in the home have a higher success rate in the classroom.

There are simple things you can do now to help meet the 20 minutes per day goal like reading to your child each night or alongside them if they are independent readers. Work on building your at home library and consider donating gently used books to charitable organizations to help other families build their libraries. The goal is to provide your child with as much access to the reading materials as possible.

Visit your public library and help your child get their own library card. Even the youngest children can enjoy reading at their local library by taking part in Story Time for babies and toddlers which is offered at several area public libraries. Click here to find one near you if you are in Hillsborough County. Pinellas residents can find their local library here.

If you have very young children, help them to begin to recognize letters by pointing them out and sounding them out. Play a game of ‘I Spy’ with letters and come up with a new word for each day so they expand their vocabulary.

You can even encourage reading by baking! When your child is following a recipe, they are not only working on their reading skills, they are learning to follow direction. Even better, there’s a delicious treat to enjoy when they are done!

No matter how you promote reading in your home, we just hope that you do!



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