Our Favorite Non-Candy Valentine’s Day Cards

If you are in search of non-candy Valentine’s Day ideas, look no further! We are loving all of these creative options that not only offer you and your kids a fun way to show their friends and family they care, but include FREE printables! Win!

We still love the old-fashioned Valentine’s Day cards too, so don’t feel badly if you don’t have the time to put these together! We’re not all Pinteresty moms, but it sure is fun to see how other people are putting their imaginations to work!


Non-Candy Valentines Love Bug from Dandee Designs

Love Bug Valentines from

Non-Candy Valentines Kinetic-Sand-Valentine

Kinetic Sand Valentines from

Non-Candy Valentines Glow Stick You light-up-my-life-01

Glow Stick Valentine’s from

Non-Candy Valentines Silly Straw from Bargain Briana

Silly Straw Valentines from


Seed Packet Valentines from

Non-candy valentines superhero masks

Superhero Masks Valentines from


I Spy Valentines from

Play-Doh Valentines-Non-Candy-Valentines

Play-Doh Valentines from


Dino-Mite Valentines from


Color Your Heart Out from


Sticker Valentines from


Bubbles Valentines from


Race Car Valentines from


Bouncy Ball Valentine from


Watercolor Valentines from


Citrus Cutie Valentines from

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