9 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Preschool: Questions to Ask”

  1. Bernard Clyde

    These are some great questions to ask when looking for a preschool for your child, especially your question about how they communicate with families. It’s important for you to feel like you have a preschool for your child that communicates clearly with you and with the child. I also think it’s wise to go observe the preschool and see how they interact with other children to determine if your child will respond well to how they they will interact with them.

  2. Burt Silver

    Thanks for the tips on choosing a preschool. My wife and I really want to find the best program possible for our son, but we have had a hard time. Thanks for mentioning to ask what the school’s policy on play and movement is. I want my son to be well rounded and play is a big part of that.

  3. John Mahoney

    I appreciate you talking about how choosing a preschool that sends reports to parents about the progress of their children is the trademark of a great preschool. My brother is planning on sending his little girl to a preschool in a few months and needs to find the best one around. As I see it, consulting with other parents and reading reviews could be a great way to save time and find the best education for your kids.

  4. Tomas Killington

    My daughter is getting old enough to start thinking about preschool. We want to make sure she starts developing good skills early in life, so we’re looking for a good educational facility. I didn’t realize how important it is to choose a preschool that helps the children gain independence through signing themselves in or putting their own toys away. I’ll be sure to remember this consideration moving forward.

  5. Rachel Lannister

    You wrote that you should choose a preschool that really values play and movement, as those are key to helping develop children’s thinking skills. My cousin is looking for a preschool for her daughter to go to, but didn’t know what qualities to look for. If the preschool understands what is good for a child’s development, they likely are well educated on the subject and are the right fit for your child. Thanks for the great article.

  6. Barbera Peters

    This article was full of useful questions to ask potential teachers and schools. My son just turned four and is ready to go into a preschool but I have no idea how to choose one that teaches appropriate learning activities. You mentioned that asking questions like “How do you teach independence?” will help me find the right school. My favorite part that you talked about was that the right answer to the questions will make you feel comfortable and confident. Thanks for the help.

  7. Finley Moreira

    My wife and I are looking at sending our daughter to preschool pretty soon. I liked how you pointed out the need to ask the teachers questions about their teaching philosophy along with what is expected of your child. We want to make sure we send our daughter to the best school possible, so we’ll make sure to take the time to ask these questions to all the potential schools we check out.

  8. Ashley Turns

    Thanks for the suggestion that I see what the teacher’s typical way of getting in touch with parents is so I can know if I should set up more interactions or not. My daughter is starting her preschool education and I really want to make sure that I find the best program for her. So I’ll be sure to talk to teachers about if how they communicate my child’s progress in her preschool education to me, so I can make sure I get reports regularly.

  9. Ridley Fitzgerald

    It’s great to learn how to find a preschool. My daughter is getting to that age, so I want to find the best school for her to go to. Hopefully I can find one that teaches independence, like you said. She needs to learn to try things herself.

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