Hurricane Irma preps

Hurricane Irma: Helpful resources for families

We are closely monitoring Hurricane Irma. The Tampa Bay area is still in the ‘cone of uncertainty’ (as of Wednesday afternoon) which means now is the time to prepare if you have not already. We have put together this list of helpful resources to help you plan for the storm and talk to your children.

Don’t hesitate to get your kids involved in the preparation process. Have them put together a fun pack of things to do in the event the power goes out or you have to evacuate. Books, Play-Doh, board games, crayons, stickers and even sheets to build forts are great items to put together for the kids! Make sure your electronics are fully charged now and purchase a portable charger for your phones and tablets.

Follow local media, the National Weather Service-Tampa Bay and National Hurricane Center.

Read the Hurricane Guide from the Tampa Bay Times and 10 News.

Storm prep:’s site dedicated to hurricanes is full of good info for families whether you need to learn more about what to pack in your emergency kit, how to prepare your home and even how to properly store tap water.

We love these hurricane hacks from ABC Action News which include filling your bathtub with water so you can flush the toilets, storing documents in a sealed plastic bag in a dry dishwasher (which is water tight), doing all of your laundry now, and freeze bags full of water or even water balloons now. They also have a list of sandbag locations here.

Local schools info:

Prepare your children:

The American Red Cross has some helpful tips on how to talk to your children before a storm strikes and what to do during a storm. is a great resource for parents and even includes games for kids to test their knowledge and even put together an emergency kit. is an online resource we love for kids and families! The site includes games, facts and more kid-friendly info on preparing your kids for a storm.


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