One thought on “Strep Vs. Common Cold”

  1. John Kerry

    When someone has strep throat, streptococcal bacteria, it infects the entire throat area, also contaminating the fluids found in the area. Strep throat is contagious. Anytime the infected person has coughs, sneezes, or even talks, these water droplets are discharged from their throats. This can affect someone who is close to them directly if they are in direct contact, but most of the time, the droplets land on surfaces.

    Bacteria requires a host to survive, so the bacteria can die if it lands on a dry surface for a few hours. However, most of the time, someone who is not infected tends to touch the infected surface way before the bacteria dies, acquiring the bacteria. Even then, the bacteria can not cause an infection on the hands, and is only activated when the person gets it into their body. This can be through touching their own lips, nose, and even eyes.

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