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To Foonf or to Fllo?

My Clek Fllo has arrived! Can you hear the excitement in my voice?! As soon as I saw this carseat I knew I had to test this bad boy out, and am I glad I did! Let me give you some background: I am a ride or die Clek customer. I purchased the Foonf for … Continue reading To Foonf or to Fllo? »


I have to tell you all about the #beststrollerever…. THE BUGABOO DONKEY! My husband and I found out in April that we are expecting our second child, so it was time to start discussing “double strollers.” At the time we had a City Select, which had served us well, but did not prove to be … Continue reading #beststrollerever »

Music to my Ears…..

When I started singing at the age of 7, my parents always said that “I have never been the same since.” They also said that “I found myself.” I guess “something was missing,” lol. So when my husband and I got pregnant last year and announced that we were having a girl, my dad immediately started … Continue reading Music to my Ears….. »