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Adoption Story by Michelle Levanti

My Adoption Story: By Michelle Levanti

By Michelle Levanti From the time my husband and I first started talking about our relationship, there were some things that were certain for both of us. We knew we wanted to get married, travel and most important of all, have a family. While the number of kids we talked about having someday varied, we … Continue reading My Adoption Story: By Michelle Levanti »

Children and Sports: A Family Approach

As a parent I confess that choosing when and which sport to enroll my child into caused quite a bit of anxiety; am I doing it too soon, which is the right sport for my child, am I putting too much pressure on my child? These are all valid questions for a parent who is … Continue reading Children and Sports: A Family Approach »

10 Ways to Communicate With Kids

Dinner is when everyone gathers around the table and catches up on what’s new. Learning about the big milestones in your child’s life is a important part of the day, whether it’s good or bad news. At a certain age tho kids give one word responses making it difficult to have quality conversations. They typical ‘how was … Continue reading 10 Ways to Communicate With Kids »

family road trip

Tips for Being Road Trip Ready

Who doesn’t like going on an adventure? Well it’s summertime so everyone knows what that means- packing up everybody in the car, and possibly a furry friend as well, and heading out to explore places unknown. Sometimes it can be a pain to think about what you need to bring, so we thought of a … Continue reading Tips for Being Road Trip Ready »

The 8 Best Cities For Your Family Vacation

Family Vacation time is the most exciting time of the year for many families, allowing families to escape from the routine of day-to-day living. Deciding your vacation destination can be an overwhelming task, especially with the options our great nation has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a hike in the mountains or a big-city … Continue reading The 8 Best Cities For Your Family Vacation »


When you join the exclusive club of Parenthood, you become a lifetime member with the code of ethics that you will always love your child unconditionally no matter what. Although we have that part down pat as parents, we sometimes forget to implement other positive parenting practices that don’t always make us feel very loving … Continue reading TOUGH LOVE »

“Let’s Create A Mess!”

As a child and throughout my teen years, I unwillingly earned the title of “unorganized.” Yes, I was a messy kid, but the more I was referred to as, “the messy one,” the more I realized there was a negative stigma attached to that title. As I became an adult, I developed a short- lived, … Continue reading “Let’s Create A Mess!” »

2016 Resolution: Lose The Guilt & Gain Some Me-Time

Every year we make the same resolution; to lose that stubborn weight. We buy gym memberships, brand new workout clothes, we rid the pantry of all “forbidden junk food” and promise ourselves that this year we will lose weight! But, soon family and work related obligations get in our way of our intended goals of … Continue reading 2016 Resolution: Lose The Guilt & Gain Some Me-Time »

Thank You, Mr. Mom

My half brother is a stay-at-home dad to my two adorable nieces ever since his family moved so his wife could take on a CFO position at a major company. With enough financial income, taking off work and focusing on his daughters seemed logical. Every time that I call him, I can hear happiness in his … Continue reading Thank You, Mr. Mom »

Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Need some help coming up with this year’s pumpkin carving theme? We have four awesome ideas to get the inspiration wheel turning. Tips: Let your child pick out the design and trace, but YOU do the carving! Need some templates? Click here. The Pukester Don’t let any piece of that pumpkin go to waste! Pull out … Continue reading Pumpkin Carving Ideas »