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So You Started a Resolution… Now What?

It would seem that every year, around this time (roughly a week or two in), many of our new years resolutions are already waning. There are only so many times you can go to the gym before you start to wonder if you can keep up your resolution to exercise, and only so many wonderful … Continue reading So You Started a Resolution… Now What? »

From ICE To The Sun Equals Family Fun! Gaylord Palms Heats it up again with ICE!

  This year’s ICE at Gaylord Palms Resort was hotter than ever or should I say “Colder than ever!” With 2 million pounds of hand-carved ice sculptures, the scenic artistry of ’Twas the Night Before Christmas theme literally froze you in your tracks. Not only did each Ice Scene provide impressive attention to detail by … Continue reading From ICE To The Sun Equals Family Fun! Gaylord Palms Heats it up again with ICE! »

Best Apps for Busy Moms

As a mom it can be hard to remember all the items on the grocery list or to find the time to come up with new recipes. Moms are expected to cook, clean, stay fit, and look stylish but let’s admit it who has time to keep up with all these tasks in one day. … Continue reading Best Apps for Busy Moms »

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3 Reasons to #NormalizeBreastFeeding in Public Places

#NormalizeBreastFeeding has become a national call to action. You may feel compelled or confused by the media attention that breast feeding has been receiving lately, but here are three easy reasons why you shouldn’t let society get you down on feeding your baby in public. 1) It relaxes you. According to, BabyCenter, while breastfeeding, the oxytocin … Continue reading 3 Reasons to #NormalizeBreastFeeding in Public Places »

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We have all seen those posts on Twitter. “Just went for a 4 mile run, baby is sleeping like an angel, making a smoothie with nothing but healthy kale and I am not even tired in the slightest! #MomLife!” or “Sooooo lucky my teenagers and I have never fought, what hormones? #MomLife”. I think it … Continue reading #MomLife »

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Mother’s Day for Dummies: 3 Tips

Mother’s Day is coming up, which means it is time to plan something special for the special mothers in your life. Moms do so much for the family– they cheer the kids on at big games, they lend a hand when you need help, and they are the shoulder that you and your kids can … Continue reading Mother’s Day for Dummies: 3 Tips »

7 Myths of Motherhood

The moment you become pregnant, you probably have some vague idea of what motherhood will be like. Your children will be well-behaved at all times, not like those rambunctious kids you seem to always dine near at restaurants. You will always feel at your best and you will somehow always get your full 8 hours … Continue reading 7 Myths of Motherhood »

To Foonf or to Fllo?

My Clek Fllo has arrived! Can you hear the excitement in my voice?! As soon as I saw this carseat I knew I had to test this bad boy out, and am I glad I did! Let me give you some background: I am a ride or die Clek customer. I purchased the Foonf for … Continue reading To Foonf or to Fllo? »

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5 Tips for Keeping Calm and Carrying On

Being a mom is extremely rewarding, but there will be times that you will be tempted to loose your cool. Your kids might be arguing over who is right, a chorus of “nuh-uhs” and “yeah huhs” sailing over your head while you scream internally, or maybe nothing is going wrong at all, but you can … Continue reading 5 Tips for Keeping Calm and Carrying On »

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10 Signs You’re a Mom

Every mom has a moment when they realize that they aren’t just a regular woman anymore: they’re a mom. Here are 10 signs that you are without a doubt a mommy: 1. You constantly pull diapers out of your purse when going to pay for something. This might embarrass any other woman, but since you are … Continue reading 10 Signs You’re a Mom »