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Halloween Safety Tips & Resources

Just like ghosts and goblins Halloween has snuck up on us again. While the little ones are ramping up for their massive sugar intake and excitement to don their favorite costumes, as parents we want to keep them safe. As each year approaches it seems we are faced with new challenges when it comes to … Continue reading Halloween Safety Tips & Resources »

Installing Car Seats Properly

Summer vacation is over and the new school year has begun, which means a packed car and lots of trips to and from daycare or school and/or even sporting events. With so much time spent in the car it’s important to make sure your car is safe and I’m not just talking about being an alert driver. … Continue reading Installing Car Seats Properly »

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Tips for Being Road Trip Ready

Who doesn’t like going on an adventure? Well it’s summertime so everyone knows what that means- packing up everybody in the car, and possibly a furry friend as well, and heading out to explore places unknown. Sometimes it can be a pain to think about what you need to bring, so we thought of a … Continue reading Tips for Being Road Trip Ready »

4 Recipes To Eat During A Power Outage

Although Hurricane Colin has calmed down there are still people around the Tampa Bay without power. Yesterday alone Duke Energy reported 7,600 customers had outages. Also, yesterday 4,022 who had service from Tampa Electric had lost power and today there are still 1,088 customers are without power. On Monday Governor Scott said in a news release the state’s … Continue reading 4 Recipes To Eat During A Power Outage »

Teen Summer Driving Safety

Summer vacation has washed onshore and tourists and locals alike will soon flock in waves to the coastline to soak in the rays of a true Floridian summer. This time of year is one of Florida’s busiest seasons, with more than 106 million visitors clogging state highways in 2015, according to statistics published through Visit … Continue reading Teen Summer Driving Safety »

Zika Virus: What You Need to Know

Governor Rick Scott has declared a health emergency in Hillsborough, Miami-Dade, Lee, and Santa Rosa counties due to the Zika Virus. Currently, at least nine cases have been reported. The Zika virus is linked to brain deformities in babies and is causing concern among public health officials worldwide. The virus is primarily spread through mosquito bites, but investigators … Continue reading Zika Virus: What You Need to Know »

Dangers of Hoverboards

Great Scott hoverboards seem to be everywhere! These hot commodity items are fast, futuristic, and can stop on a dime. It seems as if hoverboards have become the new mode of transportation children prefer as opposed to bikes, scooters, and mopeds. With new technology though there are always set backs, and hazards that consumers and parents should be aware … Continue reading Dangers of Hoverboards »

Tampa Bay Parenting 2015 September HAndling Headaches

School Shootings – How to Talk to Your Kids

Not bringing the topic of school shootings up in conversation is not going to make your child stop thinking about What-If situations the next time they step on campus. It won’t make a school shooting any more or less likely to occur. A school shooting may be hard to talk about, but it is a … Continue reading School Shootings – How to Talk to Your Kids »

Piercing Dos and Donts Tampa Bay Parenting August 2015

Your Child and Piercings: Do’s And Don’ts

How much do you really know about the safety of getting a piercing? Have you ever really thought about it? Whether you have a newborn baby girl or a rebellious teen, you may have not given it a lot of thought. Piercing has come a long way since the rockers of yester-year. Just like modern … Continue reading Your Child and Piercings: Do’s And Don’ts »