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10 Days to Save for Back to School

Get ready to shop more this year! The Florida Legislature decided to extend the tax-free weekend to ten days. Yes, that’s right. On Aug. 6-17, Floridians can enjoy a sales exemption on more items. All most all of children’s necessities are exempt including uniforms, backpacks, pants, dresses, shirts, and numerous school supplies that are $15 dollars or less.

Let’s face it, for some parents they may find school shopping very hectic but fear not as you will have time to relax more with the extended tax-free days. And parents who find themselves taking several trips because they forget items they will be able to visit again and still save.

According to the a survey performed by the National Retail Federation, 29 percent of households with school age children, plan to spend more than last year compared to 24 percent who said the same thing last year. But on the bright side, students can save a lot on laptops and gadgets, as the first $750 of a laptop is exempt from tax. With moving into dorms and buying furniture, clothing, and laptops 23 percent of college students expect to spend more than in 2014.

But before you go make that list of school supplies, you might want to read what items are tax-free.

Clothing items that are not taxed include:

With a selling price of $100 or less per item

  • Backpacks                                     Belts                                 Uniforms
  • Socks                                              Shoes including athletic clothing
  • Shorts                                             Dresses                             Jeans
  • Tights                                              Blouses                            Boots (except ski)
  • Ties                                                  Pants                                 Vests
  • Coats                                                Caps and hats                 Shirts

Clothing items that are taxed:

  •    Accessories (watches, watchbands, key cases, jewelry)


The exemption applies to the first $750 of the sales price for personal computers and computer related accessories.

  • Laptops, Tablets, Desktops                 Computer batteries
  • Scanners                                              Speakers
  • Storage devices for computers            Routers
  • RAM                                                   Headphones
  • Modems                                              Web cameras

Taxable items:

  • Smart phones and cellular phones       Furniture
  • Computer paper                                  Tablet and Computer bags

Examples of exempt school supply items:

No tax on the sale or purchase of any school supply item with a selling price of $15 items or less per item.

  • Binders                                                Markers                       Calculators
  • Notebook                                            Cellophane tape          Pencils Colored pencils
  • Pens                                                     Compasses                  Poster board
  • Composition books                             Poster paper                Computer disks (blank CDs only)                                                      Protractors                   Erasers
  • Construction paper                              Folders                        Crayons
  • Glue (Stick and liquid)                       Notebooks                   Highlighters
  • Legal pads                                           Rulers                          Lunch boxes

Taxable school supplies:

  • Books that are not otherwise exempt Printer paper                Computer paper
  • Staplers and Staples

To help with getting prepared for the school year, Suncoast Credit Union will host its 8th Annual Back to School Fair on Aug. 8 from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at Westshore Plaza. Not to mention there will be giveaways as the first 500 kids to visit Suncoast Credit Union’s booth will get a book bags filled with supplies and goodies galore. The Suncoast Credit Union’s 8th Annual Back to School Fair will have live entertainment, hands on activities, workshops, speaker sessions, a scavenger hunt and so much more.

If you have any question about what items apply and which ones don’t, then check out the Florida Department of Revenue’s guide to the 2015 Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday by clicking here:

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