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Monday, January 30, 2023

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10 Kid Friendly Home Renovations

Home improvement projects can sometimes fall by the wayside when you have kids. You might be waiting for your kids to be older, or just waiting for a babysitter before you take on these home projects, but there are some projects that can be more fun to do with your kids. Not only will it help your children feel important and proud to be your helper, but it will bring you closer and give you great memories every time you see the finished project. Here are 10 fun home improvement projects:

1. Paint the walls

This may seem like the most obvious craft, but with the non-toxic and fume free paints available, letting your kids help you paint a room can be fun for them and you! You can even involve your kids in helping you pick paint colors. Check out the Lennar Homes Pinterest board for some color inspiration. The best part about painting is that if they make a mistake, it is not a big deal because they can paint over it.

2. Decorate your Mailbox

Is your mailbox looking a little faded and boring? Take your kids to a craft store, get some paint, and let them decorate it! Just make sure it doesn’t get painted shut and make sure that a house number is still visible on the mailbox.

3. Make personalized stepping stones

This is a fun project that can spruce up any walkway or garden. Simply get ready-mix concrete mix and use an old pan or wood as a mold. Once the concrete is poured into the mold, let your kids decorate their stone with beads, marbles, tiles, or even pennies while the concrete is still wet. Wait 48 hours for the concrete to dry, and voila! Stepping stones that you and your family can be proud of.

4. Plant a garden

Turn your backyard into a functioning garden that will teach your kids about taking care of something and will also provide a long-term project. You can plant flowers and teach your kids about the different types of plants, or you can plant a vegetable garden so that they can learn the importance of growing their own food. All you need is some space, some soil, and some seeds!

5. Install outdoor solar lights

Installing outdoor lighting on your walkway or around your garden can not only provide a fun project for your kids, but can make your home a little bit safer in the dark. Outdoor solar lighting can be as cheap as $2 at Target or Walmart, and are easy to install. Simply let your kids pick where they want the lights to go, and let them stick them in the ground. It’s that simple!

6. Decorate light switch covers, outlet covers, and phone jack covers

This is a fun activity to add a little pizazz to any room in a subtle way.  Take the covers off of the walls and let your kids paint them, bedazzle them, put stickers on them, whatever they want. Just make sure that the kids don’t decorate with anything metal for safety. Once the paint or glue has dried, screw them back into the wall and you have instant décor!

7. Make bird houses and bird feeders

This is a simple project that will not only add a little décor to any outdoor space, but will also attract birds and squirrels for your kids to observe. Go to your favorite home store, like Home Depot or Lowes, and you can buy readymade bird houses and feeders that your kids can paint. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can build one out of plywood and nails. Kids will love decorating and hanging them.

8. Make a window box planter

These are incredibly easy to make and add color and simple beauty to any window, and kids will be proud to show off their work. You can construct a window box from ply-wood, or you can purchase one that is readymade, and let your kids paint it. Once the paint has dried, you can install it and let them put the soil and the flowers inside. Let them pick the flowers that they like, and put them in charge of watering the flowers as needed.

9. Build a backyard play house

This might seem like a big task, but there are a ton of kits and guides available at home stores that can make this much easier. Let your kids paint their playhouse and let them decorate it however they would like. This can not only provide a fun place for them to go, but gives you both a project to work on and teaches your kids how to take care of their own space.

10. Have your kids decorate with decals

One of easiest ways to decorate any space is to use vinyl wall clings or decals. Decals are available at most home stores, and are relatively inexpensive. Let your kids pick their favorite decals and then show them how to peel them off and stick them onto the walls. Let them place their decals wherever they would like in their bedroom or bathroom, and they will love seeing their handy work.

For more inspiration on everything from paint colors to decorating ideas, visit Lennar Homes on Pinterest.

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