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10 Simple Silly Summer Snacks


Summertime is infamous for “boredom snacking”. While your child searches for snacks, give them these healthy treats that are as tasty as they are fun to make.

Healthy “Candy” Bracelets: All you need is a string, dried fruit or raisins, and your favorite “O” shaped cereal. Simply bead the fruit and cereal onto a string (poking holes in the dried fruit and raisins with a fork). Kids will love their yummy new jewelry.

Ants on a Log: Ants on a log has been an age old American summertime tradition, but kids will love personalizing this classic yummy treat. The original ants on a log is peanut butter, celery, and raisins. A great way to let your kids spice things up is to use different dried fruits for the ants, and switching regular peanut butter for crunchy peanut butter or trying it with a dash of hazelnut spread.

Banana Butterflies: Cut a banana into pieces and stick two small pretzels into either side. You can create eyes with raisins, and antenna with thin cut carrot strips.

Lady Bug Apples: Quick and easy to make, all you need to do is cut an apple in half and, using peanut butter, stick a few raisin spots on. For antennae simply attach some pretzel sticks with the peanut butter and voila! A lady bug your kids will love.

Rainbow Fruit-Kabob: Easy and fun, your kids will love their colorful fruit on a stick. Simply cut some of your child’s favorite colorful fruit, like watermelon, pineapple, and honeydew. Line them up on the stick according to color, topping them off with some grapes. You can give your child yogurt to dip it in, making it fun and colorful.

Banana Pops: Cut a banana and dip it in yogurt, then roll it in your child’s favorite cereal. You can stick it on a toothpick or Popsicle stick to make it easier to eat.

Trail Mix: Mix healthy cereal, with walnuts and your child’s favorite dried fruit. You can bake it for a few minutes in the oven or serve it cold, but your child is sure to love digging for their favorite pieces.

Racecar Apples: Cut apples into wedges, and using toothpicks attach small round marshmallows or kiwi fruit for wheels. This is a simple fun snack that your kids will love to help you make as much as they love eating it.

Cracker Spiders: Make a sandwich with two of your favorite crackers and some peanut butter, then attach pretzel sticks as legs by sticking them between the crackers. Attach raisin eyes with peanut butter and a spider is born!

Fish Up Stream: Similar to Ants on a Log, simply cut celery into log shapes and smear cream cheese into them, then add goldfish crackers! You can arrange them to look like they are jumping, swimming, or floating. Kids will love playing with their swimming fish before they eat it.


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