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Saturday, December 3, 2022

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2011 was a rough year……

My name is Andrea Gibellino, and I am from New Port Richey. I have a wonderful husband, Michael, and we have three children- Samantha, 14; Madyson, 5; and Mikey, 3. We have always been a very close family, and enjoy doing activities together (theme parks are our favorite). On June 8th, 2011 we were faced with our worst nightmare ever… Our sweet princess, Madyson (who was only 4 at the time) was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. No parent ever wants to hear that their child has cancer! It was the scariest time of our lives!! She is now in remission, and will recieve treatments for the next two years. In this last 6 months she has had to endure things that most adults will never even face in their entire lifetime! She has had surgeries, bone marrow biopsies, xrays, IVs, hundreds of needles in her mediport, insulin for high blood sugars, oral medications, had to deal with losing all of her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, and numerous spinal taps. Not too mention all of the chemotherapy drugs she recieves each week, which make her sick. Through it all, she is still the happiest, most playful little girl ever!! She is such an inspiration to everyone she comes in contact with! We could definitely use some time together, where we do not have to worry about Doctors, Hospitals and needles!! Thank You so much!

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