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2016 Resolution: Lose The Guilt & Gain Some Me-Time

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Every year we make the same resolution; to lose that stubborn weight. We buy gym memberships, brand new workout clothes, we rid the pantry of all “forbidden junk food” and promise ourselves that this year we will lose weight! But, soon family and work related obligations get in our way of our intended goals of lifting weights and running on the treadmill. We find ourselves picking up our children instead of weights and running to committed activities with work and family instead of running to the gym. One by one the calendar days flip by and before we know it, the year is halfway over, and we are 2.5 sizes bigger and 2.5 times more tired. So, what went wrong?

We focus too much of our attention on losing instead of gaining.
This year I encourage you to gain some “me” time and lose the guilt. Taking care of your family begins with taking care of yourself first. As parents, we have been conditioned to sacrifice everything for our family, even our health. But, why do we do that? It’s counterproductive if you think about it. We exhaust ourselves to the point of having nothing left and when we get to that point how can we possibly provide the best care for our family? For us to be the best parent we can be, we need to start taking care of ourselves first. Does just reading this make you feel guilty? How can you possibly find time for yourself when you are committed to all the demands of everyone and everything? Well, I perhaps you can reconsider how helpful you are to everyone when you are running on empty. Consider this metaphor:

When you fly on an airplane, the flight attendant instructs you to put your oxygen mask on first, before assisting others. So why is this such an important practice in a survival situation? Because if you run out of oxygen, you can’t help anyone else with their oxygen mask.
If you don’t take care of yourself, you can experience anxiety, stress, moodiness, frustration, insomnia, and many other health-related issues. Not taking care of yourself, not only affects you, but it affects all the people around you. It is time to put on your oxygen mask first.

Here are some tips for taking care of you:

Exercise. Scrutinize your schedule and find some time for exercise. It not only promotes weight-loss but, more importantly, it releases mood-lifting endorphins and gives you more energy throughout your day.
Family Health Kick. Getting everyone involved in eating healthier makes it easier to stick to a new healthy lifestyle. However, regardless of everyone’s commitment, incorporating a healthier foods into your diet; such as fruits and vegetables (organic if you can swing it) and fewer cookies and cakes will give you more energy and can assist with better sleep patterns.
Find some alone time. It’s important to recharge your batteries and do something at least once or twice a week that fills you with joy and inner peace.(Meditation, Yoga, Walk/Run Outside, Reading a book in the park, treating yourself to a nice meal on the outside patio of a nice restaurant, etc
Do something new this year. Challenge yourself and break out of your comfort zone. Facing challenges and new activities can build your self-confidence and reverence for life (i.e. Rock Climbing, Horseback Riding, Singing Karaoke, etc.)
Stop the negative chatter in your head. Find the greatness within you. Focus on your positives, not only outwardly, but inwardly. You deserve to be healthy and happy. Your happiness will help to improve all areas of your life, including your family.

Make it a great 2016 because you’re worth it!

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Jill Assalti is a proud mother of two young boys. She ran track at Florida State University for two years and then earned her Bachelors of Arts Degree with honors from the University of South Florida. She is a Florida native but spent her earlier years working in Miami, New York, and Los Angeles as a professional actress, writer, and singer. 

She is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory and has performed and written sketches at The Second City as well as Improv Olympic. 

Jill has also been part of the Screen Actors Guild (S.A.G.) and American Federation of Television Artists (A.F.T.R.A.). She has had the privilege of working with Michael J. Fox, Heather Locklear, Kevin Spacey, Danny Devito, James Gandolfini, and other inspirational artists in her career.

She is currently a Motivational Speaker focusing on helping people find their “Life’s Purpose.” She also teaches “Transform Your Life Through Positive Thinking” and The Power of Thought” to name a few. Jill is a published author and tv personality in Tampa Florida. To see more of her inspirational articles and to find out more information. Please visit

“I think it’s important to know what drives you and makes you feel alive. Find out what you’re passionate about and pursue it, no matter what anyone else thinks. If you can find a way to use your skills and talents to benefit someone else’s life, as well as your own, then that’s your life’s purpose. I feel very lucky to be living a purpose-driven life.”  ~ Jill Assalti


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