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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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5 Back to School Backpack Ideas

School is back in session! For many kids the first week of school defines the rest of the year from their style to what friends they make. A great way to get your kids exited about the school year is by tricking out their backpack.

How to make a googly eyed monster

Photo courtesy of

This ones great for elementary kids. First have your little one cut out eyes teeth from iron-on vinyl and iron on. For the feet and other features use a hot glue on to the book bag (this job is for an adult). Lastly draw on any features.

Rock and Roll book bag

Photo courtesy of Spoonful

For teens that love rock and roll shock them by making a one of a kind backpack. For the outside use a old pear of jeans and cut the fabric to fit on the back of the book bag then hot glue it on. Once it’s dry add studs to give it a rocker edge. You can either use a stencil or paint on the writing your self. Add any accessories to the zippers to top off this cool look.

Lace Backpack

DIY. Backpack. Design. Lace. Cute.:

This design is great for girls and helps dress up their plain book bags. And all you have to do is the three simple steps in the picture.

MVP Book bag

Photo courtesy of Spoonful

Let your kid be the real MVP and let them show off their interests with this interesting idea. Cut out your kids favorite number and hot glue it onto the bag. Use AstroTurf  and superglue it onto the bag. Lastly paint on the yard lines.

Sew on patches

DIY backpack.:
Photo courtesy of ilovetocreateblog

Take your little one to the store and let them choose from an array of patches. The patches they choose you then sew onto the book bag.

Also remember to be careful before loading up book bags to full capacity.

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