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Saturday, December 3, 2022

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5 Crafty Ways to Spend a Rainy Day

Don’t let rainy Florida afternoons spoil all of the fun. Keep your kids busy with crafty activities that they will look forward to doing while the rain pours.

1.Make homemade puffy paint art

No paint? No problem! Kids will love making this homemade puffy paint, and will love making 3-D art work even more. All you need are 1 Tablespoon of self-rising flour, 1 tablespoon of salt, food coloring, and water. Mix them together until you have a paste like consistency and have your kids use their fingers or Q-tips as paint brushes. When they are done, microwave the painting for five seconds and voila! 3D art!

2.Make a fun indoor scavenger hunt

This is great for those rainy days when the kids are restless and you have things to get done (like finally folding that ominous pile of laundry). All you have to do is to start by making and hiding some clues around the house, give the first clue to the kids, and let them go hunting. You can make it as easy or as hard as you want to. The prize can be anything from their favorite snack to getting out of a dreaded chore.

3. Paper bag skits

This works best with 2 or more kids, the more kids the better. Fill a few paper bags with varying items (for example, one bag could have a fork, a sock, and a ball). Let your kids pick one of the bags at random, and have them put together a skit using the items in the bag as props. If you have a larger group of kids, you can put them into teams and let them compete for the funniest or silliest skit.

4. The Mystery Box

This is a fun game for younger kids to challenge their senses. Get a box, preferably one with a lid like a shoe box, and cut holes big enough for your child’s hands in the sides. Then, place a random item in the box, like a small stuffed animal, a spoon, or even something squishy like a sponge and have them guess what it is. You can also put something smelly in the box and have them sniff through the holes to guess what it is if you really want to challenge their senses.

5. Create an indoor potted garden

This one will require a little bit of work before-hand. Get some Styrofoam cups, ice cream cones, or even just a regular pot, some soil and some seeds. Let your kids pick their favorite seeds and show them how to plant them in the soil. Kids will love getting their hands dirty and they will love getting to watch their seedlings grow.

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