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5 Healthy Handy School Lunches


School lunches are often made in the rush of the morning, the sandwiches are made and on the ride to school the kids are already thinking of what food they will barter for coveted pudding cups and potato chips. These are five school lunches that are easy and healthy, and so good that your kids wont want to trade them:

1.  Chicken salad sandwiches with a side of colorful fruit. These are great for large families, since once batch of chicken salad can be made the night before and spread on bread before the kids leave for school. Kids will also love colorful fruit, and it will fill them up, making it a simple and healthy go-to lunch.

2. Fish shaped tuna sandwiches on wheat bread with lettuce with a side of Gold Fish crackers. This lunch is a fun theme that will keep your child full without junk food. You can also put it on pita bread if you want to change it up a little.

3. Pretzel rolls. This may sound on the unhealthy side, but it cuts out a lot of unwanted carbs. Simply take your childs favorite lunch meat and roll it up with a slice of their favorite cheese, skewered with a pretzel stick! add a side of their favorite fruit or some baby carrots and it is a yummy and healthy school lunch.

4. A fiesta lunch bag. With some beans, whole wheat tortilla chips or pita bread, salsa, and cheese, you can pack your child a “build it yourself” fiesta lunch. It is a great way to add a little flare to their week while staying healthy.

5. Do it yourself Pizza. Put a piece of pita bread, some cheese and a small bit of red sauce or ketchup, and some pepperoni if your child likes it in separate containers and let your child build their own pizza for lunch. Pair it with a side of fruit and they will have a rounded meal that is healthy and delicious.


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