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6 Things You Need to Know About Your Child’s Eye Health

You think you know everything about your child, but what if there is something very important you’re missing?

“80% of learning is visual, yet one out of every four children has an undiagnosed vision problem,” says Dr. Mark Jacquot, Clinical Director of Vision Care for LensCrafters. “Vision may change frequently during childhood and adolescence and it is essential that children receive annual eye exams that will help track these changes and diagnose any possible problems. Back-to-school is the perfect time to schedule a comprehensive eye exam for your child so he or she can start the new school year off right”.

Dr. Jacquot shares his top tips for staying on top of your child’s vision.

You Might Not Know Your Child Has Vision Problems: Recent research shows that simple school vision screenings detect just 5% of vision problems. Children don’t have a baseline to understand they don’t see well, that’s why the first comprehensive eye exam should be done as early as at 2 years old.

Tasty Food Can Really Make a Difference: Antioxidant vitamins and minerals, lutein, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids help protect children’s eyes. Find them in scrambled eggs with bell peppers, homemade fish fingers, almonds and baby carrots and leafy greens.

Be Careful about too Much Screen Time: Children age 8 to 18 spend more than seven hours each day looking at screens, all of which emit dangerous blue light. “This light can penetrate deep inside the eyes, disrupting sleep and causing serious problems over time”, says Dr. Jacquot. He suggests taking frequent breaks, looking into the distance every 20 minutes and wearing glasses with anti-glare lenses.

P.E. Makes Perfect Eyes: Regular exercise helps maintain overall health for the body, including your and your child’s eyes. People who engage in moderate physical exercise are 25% percent less likely to develop glaucoma. Good habits for life are created in childhood.

Sunglasses Are Sunscreen For  Eyes: Every parent knows the importance of sunscreen, but sunglasses are still a rare accessory for kids. Yet, it is the only way to protect their gentle eyes that don’t block as much UV radiation as adults’. “Look for sunglasses with 100% UV protection and make sure your child wears them even when it’s cloudy”, recommends Dr. Jacquot. If your child’s vision requires correction, at LensCrafters you can order any sunglasses with his or her prescription.

Your Child Can Enjoy an Eye Exam: Traditional eye exams can cause anxiety in kids. AccuExam, available exclusively in 170 LensCrafters locations across the country, is a set of advanced and precise technology that to a child feels more like a space adventure than a doctor’s appointment. Benefits include the most precise measurements that don’t require kid’s input, extended time with the doctor and ability to experience your child’s vision through videos and realistic simulations.

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