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Friday, December 2, 2022

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6 Ways Florida Moms Handle Cold Weather

Floridians rejoice (or lament)! Winter and all of its cold weather glory has FINALLY come to visit us! While the rest of the state is donning warm boots and long-tucked-away sweaters, parents know this exciting (and chilly) time to mean something entirely different. Especially for new parents, this weather can only mean one thing: time to bundle the kids up as if they are about to enter a frozen tundra. When cold weather hits, you know you’re a Florida mom when:

1.) You finally get why Ana was so annoyed that Elsa made everything so cold in Frozen, and it is only 60 degrees outside. 

Walt Disney Animation Studios cold film animation disney

“The cold never bothered you anyway? Well guess what. It bothers us, because now we have to dig up jackets that may not even fit the kids anymore. Thanks a lot Elsa. ”

2.) It has been so long since you had to bundle the kids up for cold weather, that you decide to forgo rationality and wrap them in every coat you can find in the house. 


winter cold coat a christmas story bundle up

“You can’t put your arms down? Well how would you like it if the 50 degree weather froze them off? Just don’t fall down and you’ll be fine.”

3.) You watch the weather report when a cold front comes through, and find yourself sounding like the Starks from Game of Thrones.

jon snow kit harington winter is coming game of thrones

“High in the 70’s today, low in the upper 50’s.”

4.) You turn your heating on for the first time all year in your home and it smells faintly like burning dust. 

the simpsons bed cozy winter cold

It has been an entire year since you fired up the heater, but you know that for the first time in your children’s lives they are too cold to leave their beds without it.

5.) The first time you put on your winter coat, you realize that the last time you wore it was the 1990’s and denim patchwork jackets aren’t quite so fashionable. 

Yosub taylor swift sad winter cold

You also find a half chewed piece of gum in the pocket that has been waiting for you for years. You imagine that non-parents stick their hands into old coat pockets and find money instead of old tissues and half-eaten candy.

6.) Your kids have never experienced the pretend smoke of their breath in the cold air.

smoking cold family guy stewie

You tell them smoking is bad for them and not something to pretend is cool, but its pretty funny to watch them discover that they can make smoke with just their breath and the air.

In all seriousness, we hope you all bundle up and stay warm out there! We will all be glued to the weather report anxiously awaiting the day we can pull out our flip-flops and tee-shirts again soon.

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