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9 Motion Sickness Remedies

Summer is the time of year for traveling and road trips. Feeling the sun and wind hit your skin while the windows are down. Then the unexpected happens. “I think I’m gonna be siiiiick!” The words you definitely don’t want to hear. Crying and yelling are not even comparable to motion sickness and the yucky, disturbing mess that comes afterwards.

So what exactly causes motion sickness? According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery your inner ears contain a sensitive mechanism that senses your head’s position. One of the main functions of this mechanism, is to allow your eyes adjust to head movements. When you’re moving under your own power your ears are able to make the proper adjustments because your eyes are creating one set of sensory clues while your inner ears and body are creating another thus, confusing your nervous system and results in motion sickness.

If your child suffers from motion sickness BayCare recommends the following:

  • Don’t read in a moving vehicle.
  • Don’t sit facing backwards in a moving vehicle.
  • Being in a central cabin on a ship or over the wing of an aircraft can reduce the likelihood of symptoms.
  • Tell your children to look at the horizon or shut your eyes.
  • Avoid strong odors and spicy or greasy foods before and during traveling.
  • Sometimes adding distractions with aromatherapy, such as lavender or mint will help.
  • Give your kids ginger-flavored lozenges as they tend to aid digestion. In a 2003 study published in the American Journal of Physiology-Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology found that people who took a ginger supplement before going on a simulated amusement park ride were less nauseated than those who didn’t.
  • The placement of your car’s DVD screen can cause nausea when they have limited exterior views. Try placing or buying screens that can be positioned on the backs of seats instead of on the ceiling.
  • Touch control video games can also cause motion sickness. According to a study at the University of Minnesota, players who used touch mode (using fingertip contact on the screen) were nearly five times more likely to get motion sickness than gamers playing tilt control games, which require the gamer to manually control the device.

Before your next trip make sure you also back a car sick bag bag. Cul-de-sac Cool recommends taking:

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  1. Travel Clorox Wipes: Just in case your little trooper gets sick bring Clorox wipes to clean up the mess.
  2. Gatorade: Bring along Gatorade to help your car sick buddy feeling re-hydrated or to help your child stay hydrated so he or she won’t throw up.
  3. A light snack: Stay away from greasy foods! Packing a light snack can help settle an upset tummy.
  4. Hand Sanitizer: To clean his hands and yours.
  5. Motion Sickness Medication: If deemed necessary but talk to your doctor first before handing your child medicine.
  6. Motion Sickness Wrist Bands: This product is a natural way to help with motion sickness so you don’t have to rely on medicine.
  7. Bottled water and or mouth wash: Can be used to rinse out his or her mouth out.
  8. Grocery Plastic Bag: Use this as a second throw-up bag or just in case situation.
  9. Trash bag: This can be used to hold items that have been thrown up on.
  10. Napkins: Can be used to dry up messes and messy hands.
  11. Gallon Ziploc Slider Bag: Put two or three large Ziploc bags in your kit as they are great for holding and containing the vomit since there’s a seal.

Here’s to having a mess free, sickness free family trip!

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