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Thursday, December 8, 2022

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A Back-to-School Like Never Before with Hillsborough County Schools

If we could, we would roll out the largest red carpet in the world to welcome all our students and staff back to school!

It was a challenging year and a half. Thankfully, the COVID-19 rates in our community are decreasing, more people are being vaccinated, and our district has now made the decision that eLearning will not be an option, bringing most of our learners back into the classroom.

“The importance of face-to-face instruction cannot be undervalued,” says Superintendent of Schools Addison Davis. “We recognize the majority of children learn, thrive and grow most responsively when they are in the presence of their teachers and peers. Now, with the decrease in COVID-19 cases, we can begin moving toward a new, stable way of work.”

For those families who aren’t yet 100% comfortable returning to the classroom, we encourage them to enroll in Hillsborough Virtual K-12. HVK12 is a perfect fit for families looking for flexibility. This choice option allows students to learn with certified Hillsborough County Public School teachers, participate in school clubs and athletics and keep state funding (FTE) in our district.

Our schools are busy this summer getting everything ready for our learners to return. Administrators and teachers made many changes last year to accommodate both eLearning and brick and mortar students. Think about the desks and tables that were moved in and out of classrooms and the supplies that had to be bought in and divided for each student. That process now has to reverse itself.

The health and safety of our students is a top priority. In August, we will continue to have sanitation stations in every classroom; face coverings available for any student who needs one; and directional signage in hallways. School leaders will encourage social distancing, handwashing and healthy practices overall.

As for face coverings, they are optional. Masks will be the decision of each family and student and all children will be supported in our schools with the choice their family makes. Parents need to know that our teachers will not be checking that students wear face coverings. If it is important for parents to have their child wear a face covering, it is up to the parent to explain and direct their student to do so.

The district will continue to work with our local health partners at Tampa General Hospital and University of South Florida Health to monitor conditions throughout the community this summer and into the fall. In the meantime, administrators at each school are hard at work every day to ensure a smooth start to the school year. Our dedicated teachers and support staff will ensure a culture of excellence in our schools and are focused on providing a safe, caring environment for your child to learn and grow.

We are ready to “roll out” the red carpet and welcome everyone back to school for what’s sure to be a dynamic 2021-22 school year!

For more information about what our schools have to offer and how to register, go to

Originally published in July 2021

Laura Cross
Laura Cross
Hillsborough County Public Schools.

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