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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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A Crazy Year… About to Get Crazier!

In spring 2011 we decided we would love to expand our family of four to be a family of five. We have an adorable 4 year old boy named Connor and the sweetest 2 year old named Caroline and were thrilled to find out on Father’s Day that we were expecting again! After sharing our excitement with our families and friends, we found out in late July that our third baby was actually a third and fourth baby! Yep, we were expecting twins! We were in shock as we have no family history. The doctor even said it was a less than 10% chance of happening! We were very excited, but also anxious and nervous about having four children under the age of four!! In September, we found out we were having twin girls!

The pregnancy has gone very well. In fact, Mommy made it to 38 weeks with no bed rest or complications! But even with a healthy pregnancy it has been a difficult year caring for a 4 year old and 2 year old and carrying a twin pregnancy. There has also been a little stress in preparing and considering the changes to our finances. The recent purchase of a minivan was just one of our many preparations! Somehow we made it and are being induced on February 15, 2002… 10 years to the day that my husband and I met! We can not wait to meet our girls and start our lives as a family of six! We expect it to be one big, exhausting, but glorious roller coaster ride… just as the past 9 months have been!

A vacation or trip to Busch Gardens or Sea World would be so exciting for the children this summer! We have actually never been to Sea World. They had to put up with a lot this year with Mommy not being able to do very much and it would be nice to treat them to an adventure once the twins are old enough to venture out! I think the whole family could use a little fun and excitement! Please consider us for your Family Adventure Contest. — Thank you! Mark and Trixy Gillespie

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