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Monday, January 30, 2023

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A family finaly reunited again forever.

this is a story of struggle. Life lessons with a happy ending. I got pregnant with my first son in 2009 at that time I was in my active addiction. I did try to stay clean but once my son was born I was not able to do so. The state stepped in as they should do and took my son from me. I worked hard to get him back. I did great and was reunited with my 1st son 1 month before I was to have my 2nd child. I gave birth to another boy. Due to the stress of a new home, a new son and the stress of just getting my other son I ended up relapsing. I did let the state know what happened and again my boys were taken form my home. This is the wake up call I needed to stay clean. I am now clean and will celebrate 2 years clean in May. Last week I went to court and finally after a very long struggle my case has been closed. My boys are now mine for good. I am very excited for this and very blessed I was given a second chance. Not many people get that in life. With two young boys in the house money is very tight but we manage to get by. It would be an awesome gift of celebration for us to win this advanture. It would also be an Adventure of a lifetime for us to go out as a family and enjoy what Florida has in their back yard (Busch Gardens and Sea World). We live wtihin an hour drive of Busch Gardens so this would give us a place we could go an visit regulary and enjoy the summer fun in the sun! My boys also love animanls they can almost name any animal by site and tell you what sound they make and they are only 2 and 3 so I think this would be great for them in an educational format also. Please give us this gift of celebration and relaxation. All of us need it now! thanks so much for the consideration
the Rose Family
Dawn , Al. Titus and Titan!

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