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A Mother’s Love: My Open Letter

I remember in one of my first creative writing classes we were asked to write a letter to our unborn child. At eighteen I laughed at the topic and thought my professor must be crazy for asking us to write about such a thing. Even worse we were to read our paper aloud in front of our peers. As a child I never played with actual baby dolls, you know the ones that you could change their diapers and feed them. And to be honest I never wanted to have children, at the time that didn’t fit into my life goals. So needless to say this topic was going to be a challenge for me.

As everyone stood up one by one and read heartfelt letters I was truly at a loss for words knowing I didn’t write much of a letter. It was now my turn. As I walked to the front of the class I simply stated “Dear my unborn child, if you are reading this something has gone terribly wrong with my plans.” Some laughed others shook their heads as I moseyed back to my seat. To say I did not get an “A” on that paper would be an understatement and some even argued that I was being insensitive to the subject.

That was seven years ago and I now have a one year old son named Kaiden that I will always love to the moon and back. Now I can happily write that letter with passion and purpose. This is my open letter.

To my beautiful baby boy,

You are everything I never knew you would be. On that cold day in November you decided it was time for your grand entrance and what an entrance it was. After 5 hours of actual labor and one C-section later you were placed on my chest. Neither of us cried, we just looked into each other’s eyes for a few minutes. Other than the day I married your father, this was the best day of my life. Our little family was complete and there were more days of happiness to come.

Everyday your smile and the light in your eyes reminds me how pure and innocent life can be. You have no fear and know nothing of this crazy world, but I do. I worry every day and pray that you are spared all the hurt and pain that everyone endures at some point in their life.  I hope your father and I raise you and lead by example to be a respectful and loving young man.

I promise to never miss one of your soccer or baseball games, to stay up late helping you with your school projects, to help you follow any dream you will ever have, to teach you to love everyone know matter the color of their skin, and to always be the loving support system you will need until the day I die.

My life is better because of you and I thank God every day for you.

Love always,


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