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Aden & Anis Review by Laura M. Alfonso

Aden & Anais – “Bibs”

These bibs are awesome. I use them on my 10 month old baby. So far they have been the best at
preventing major mash mess on her clothes underneath. I tried several other brands and styles of
bibs but none of them really provided the coverage needed. Feeding time for my baby is a high action
moment. She twists her head from left to write, curls over her high chair and splatters food everywhere.
This thing is more like a blanket than a bib. Another great quality is this bib stays ON. It connects behind
baby’s neck with one small but very strong button unlike most bibs which use Velcro, which my baby
tugs right off. The only complaint I might have is that since they are somewhat water resistant, when
she does drink water and spills some, the liquid rolls right down onto her instead of being absorbed.
But that’s minor. Plus they are great for post meal clean-up. I just flip the bib over and it’s big and soft
enough to wipe her face and hands. I highly recommend it!

Aden & Anis – “Blancket/Security Blancket”

I have a few Aden & Anais items, they are usually great quality and I love their prints. This product is
marketed as a “security blanket” but I just offered it to my baby as something cute to cover her head
with and play with. I think kids pick and choose which blanky they will grow fond of, if any. This is pretty
much a miscellaneous item in my house. It’s not large enough to use as a cover up and it’s not small
enough to use as a clean-up rag. Right now it’s just around her toy area and I use it to play peek-a-boo,
otherwise it’s something that catches her interest for a minute before she moves on to more attractive
items. Although it’s a very cute little thing, there just isn’t much use for it around these parts

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