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Moms to KNOW: Alexa Schuman of Uprooted Wellness


When it comes to pursuing change, progress or improvements at the start of a new year, come February, most of us know what big ideas or goals have the best staying power.

Without the passion and commitment for change or evolution, we see so many people fall back into old habits and comfortable ways. We can probably all relate to this process of trying hard things and not seeing them through at one point or another.

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Here’s something else we can relate to: the love for our children. And another? The concern for the health and well-being of the people in our homes.

We can all relate to one another through motherhood, in pregnancy and especially in those years when our babies are so very young. We can relate to feeling uninformed or confused, but wanting more and better for our families.

One of the most relatable and inspiring women I have had the pleasure to meet and feature this year in KNOW Tampa is Alexa Schuman.

When it comes to passion and commitment to the hard things, she is a mighty force. Her love for children, women and wellness fuels her movement toward delivering the tools that we, as mothers, need to be great and keep our little people healthy too.

She serves simplicity and teaches the truth so that we remain comfortable with change, and see ourselves through to success in the new year. 

Let’s get to know more about Alexa of Uprooted Wellness!

Uprooted Wellness Alexa Schuman

Alexa, first…we want to get to know YOU! Tell us about yourself and your family!

ALEXA: Hi! I’m the founder of Uprooted Wellness ( and 2 new concepts coming this month shhh!).  I’m married to Justin, who without wavering always supports my big visions and dreams! We are parents to our soon to be 3 year old boy, Leo. You’ll usually find me with a real deal almond milk cappuccino in hand. I’m a lover of farmer’s markets, after dinner walks, plates full of color, mountain air, and barefeet. As an advocate for women’s health, I have a deep passion for the holistic movement and getting back to the basics. Motherhood brought me to the point where I turned what I deeply cared about into a career that I absolutely LOVE.  My path here wasn’t straightforward, but I know I am here because it’s my life’s calling.

What inspired you to start Uprooted Wellness?

ALEXA: When I was pregnant with my son, the biggest surprise for me was the lack of education around nutrition and lifestyle factors.

I remember thinking, “how was this NEVER discussed?”. I felt there were so many unanswered questions around wellness during new motherhood and I wasn’t so sure Google was my BFF, I needed the human connection.

That piece was really missing and I wanted to change that!  How do we eat to nourish ourselves so both of us can thrive?  How do we integrate and make whole foods really work for our family? What’s the best way to start solids because I know there are a lot of picky eaters out there? How do we make more conscious choices, especially in our own environment?

We know the first 5 years of new motherhood is daunting and difficult to navigate (and filled with oh so many suggestions!).  I was constantly searching to bring awareness in my own home because I wanted what was best for my child and my family – like we all do.

I quickly realized we had amazing community groups for new moms all around Tampa when it came to playdates and meeting one another, but that the education component around empowering women with the tools and resources they needed to support not only their children’s health but theirs as well was missing outside of a pediatrician’s office.

Who would hold their hand while they integrated new positive changes and hold space for them in this area?

I created Uprooted Wellness to fill that space and bring more intention to building a better foundation of living. One where we could learn and grow together by incorporating practices that make us feel whole.

Tell us about your approach to healthy living and how it has not only transformed your life, but your clients’ lives?

ALEXA: I started this journey about 9 years ago and most of the transformation fell into three areas which I’ve simplified into: mindful eating, conscious living, and natural healing.

These are truly the foundation of my programs. Everyone’s story is unique and there isn’t a one size fits all approach to any of this.

What I’ve been able to do is meet my clients exactly where they are and work on more intentional living in those areas.

In my own life, this has healed fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue, high cholesterol, we navigated cholic, postpartum recovery, many ailments, and it’s been an instrumental part of supporting the immune system and gut health.

My clients have addressed autoimmune conditions which hits women and children so hard today, diabetes, chronic pediatric illnesses, celiac, and so much more.  I absolutely love what I do, it lights me up inside, and I am incredibly grateful to hold space for so many women.

I find the most powerful transformation lies in listening and connecting to our body again – and the discovery that you can heal yourself.

In our culture, most of us run on autopilot and as parents we are burning the candle at both ends rarely taking the time to nourish ourselves.

My approach to healthy living has been incorporating positive changes and removing the things that are no longer serving us one step at a time so it is sustainable.

You have a new project! We want to know more!

ALEXA: Yes, I do and the courses are starting this month!  It’s called The Uprooted Mother. The focus is on balanced and intentional living through pregnancy, postpartum, and the first 5 years.

This is often a confusing time filled with uncertainty and endless questions. Did you know that women can experience postnatal depletion even 10 years after birth?

The standard 6 week check- up is just not enough and it’s such a crucial time to be proactive. The courses will offer a more natural and holistic approach to help women thrive through each of these phases.

I truly believe when women empower women wonderful things happen.

What are some small changes families can make for a healthier lifestyle?

ALEXA: I love this question and I’m so happy to share!

#1 Add more color to your plate.  The brighter the better! Nature is so smart, it put the medicine in the food and we need more of it – especially our little ones.

#2 Make it a priority to sit down at the table without distractions at least a couple times a week.  It’s important for our families to connect here again.

#3 Avoid purchasing any conventional fruit + veg from the EWG Dirty Dozen list – this is the best place to start buying organic!

#4 Go for an after dinner walk together if you can, it’s a great way to wind down the day , get a little fresh air, and set the tone for a relaxing nighttime routine. The Italians call it la passeggiata meaning a gentle evening walk and it’s a concept that is so simple yet vital for creating a sense of community.

#5 Let go of goals and set a one word family intention for the year instead.  This cultivates a sense of unity and a pillar on which positive change can happen without expectation.

#6 Cook from scratch – and put some LOVE into it.  Even if “it’s not your thing” and the starting point is just once a week. Every time we eat outside the home, we outsource our health to the bottom line.  It’s meant to be an indulgence not an everyday affair.

Why do you think moms/parents are so tired (other than the obvious lack of sleep)-what changes have you suggested for your clients that have helped?

ALEXA: In my experience, we live in a way that isn’t supporting our basic human needs.  We are on information overload, trying to do everything perfectly, while complicating it and burning out in the process.

It’s hard to fully disconnect and step out of our roles.  We aren’t eating in a way that nourishes us and therefore have no energy.

The balance is way off and ends up manifesting in ways we wouldn’t expect.  It’s hard being a parent in 2020, figuring out what to do with all this information and how to apply it.

Cultivating very simple mindfulness practices into your day, that are just for you, where you get to take a little timeout are key.  Bringing presence back into tasks like taking a shower or cooking a meal.  I highly suggest downloading the headspace app.

And please turn that phone on airplane mode at night because for your own sanity, you can not be needed every moment of every day!

How can people get in touch with you?



Social : @uprootedwellness

You can find me at Community Roots Collective offering a few new classes:

Mommy & Me Toddler Cooking Class Feb 28th and March 7th 10-11am

Baby Led Feeding Feb 22nd and March 21st 11-12pm

Meet The Health & Wellness Expert Feb 22nd and March 21st 12-1:30pm

For more info and class details, check out my FB events. If you are interested in joining one of the group coaching courses, connect with me via email and we’ll get an initial consultation set up.

Uprooted Wellness Alexa Schuman










Julie Tingley
Julie Tingley
Julie Tingley introduced the KNOW Women community to Tampa Bay, and founded Wee Macree, a purpose-driven brand for kids. She is a 10-year Tampa transplant who has found her way through many professional and parenting transitions by maintaining focus on her vision of a better future for, and daily inspiration, her daughters Ella and Kate.

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