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July 1, 2021

Florida’s Back to School Sales Tax Holiday: Know Before You Go!

By Laura Byrne

Get ready to save during Florida’s Back to School Sales Tax Holiday Saturday, July 31 through Monday, August 9, 2021! Some exclusions apply, so make sure you know before you go!

Florida’s popular Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday returns on Saturday, July 31 and ends on Monday, August 9, 2021! This year’s back to school sales tax holiday was extended, so it’s a great way to save considering the statistics–the National Retail Federation estimates the average American family will spend $848+ in preparation for the new school year. This estimate includes the spend on clothing, school supplies and electronics, but still…gulp.

Before you head out the door to shop, there are a few sales tax holiday limitations to keep in mind. The sales tax holiday only applies to certain school supplies priced at $15 or less per item and certain clothing, footwear and accessories that are $60 or less per item. Safety clothing also applies which means face masks are included too.

It also applies to the sales of personal computers and other electronic items you might need for eLearning. You will not be taxed on the first $1,000 of the sales price of a personal computer.

READ: Complete list of exempt items from the Florida Department of Revenue

Notice the keyworkd ‘certain’. Clothing items $60 or less that qualify include, shirts, pants, shorts, socks, bathing suits, fitness clothing, baby clothes, diapers, youth bicycle helmets, even fanny packs and snow ski suits qualify, but items that do not qualify include jewelry, watches and snow ski boots. We’ve included a link above to review a complete list of items that qualify and items that do not to help guide you through the shopping weekend.

You’ll find most of the traditional school supplies items on the tax exempt list–as long as they are $15 or less per item, but you’ll still pay taxes on items like masking tape, computer and printer paper, staples and correction pens.

A big question we often hear is whether the tax holiday applies to purchases made online. The answer is yes, eligible items are exempt if purchased within the tax holiday timeframe. You can read more Frequently Asked Questions here, especially if you plan on using manufacturer’s coupons.

A great day to take advantage of the back to school sales tax holiday is during the 14th Annual Back to School Fair presented by Hillsborough County Schools at WestShore Plaza on July 31, 2021 from 10am-2pm! This is a chance to snag a free backpack if your child is among the first 500 students to attend, meet local businesses and organizations that cater to families like yours, and even enter to win for a chance at some amazing prizes like two $250 cash giveaways, Bucs swag, a getaway to Plantation on Crystal River, baby gear, and so much more!

Happy shopping everyone!


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