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August 12, 2019

Back to School: REAL and SMART Tips for a Great Year!

Marisa Langford of TampaMama.com recently appeared on ABC Action News to share her tips for a successful new school year!

As a mom of four, she’s been there, done that. She’s hoping what works for her family will help yours get off to a smooth start!

Back to School S.M.A.R.T. Tips

Sleep: Get into good habits- routines, no devices, reading, no sugar after a certain time. Get things ready for tomorrow!

Mornings: Plan out some healthy (and quick) breakfast ideas. For example: yogurt and granola in a cup with lid is portable for the ride to school!

No devices in the AM. Plan to be up and be on time!

AfterSchool: What’s the plan? Are they too over scheduled? Who is going where! Talk through the plan.

Routines: Get them ready for the weekly routines! A master calendar for Mom & Dad!

Time Management: Yours & Theirs. Give yourself some breathing room. Ask for help. Help others. Schedule some Be Time- time to just BE A KID!

Back to School R.E.A.L Tips

Relax: Everyone is going through the same things. Everyone is nervous, anxious, stressed, etc.  Breathe. It will happen. You will survive.

Embrace: Time is fleeting. Enjoy the milestones. The moments. Take the pictures. Enjoy it. It will be over in a blink.

Attitude: Need a break. Take one!  Get that attitude in check. Need help?  Ask! For you and them!  Smile more!! Late? Go get breakfast with the kids.

Perspective. It’s a race to the end of the day and there’s a lot of moving parts for everyone. Take a day if you need one. Or if the kids need one, take a day with them.  Maybe that’s what they need too.

Laugh: In the end, it’s a comedy routine. It’s funny. Laugh with your friends who probably have a funnier story about putting chili powder on toast because they were so tired instead of cinnamon.  Laugh. Because this is life. This is parenting. This is back to school.

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