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August 16, 2018

INSIDE LOOK: MOSI’s ‘Be the Astronaut’ special exhibit

By Laura Byrne

We got a sneak peek at the ‘Be the Astronaut’ exhibit at MOSI in Tampa before it opened a few months ago and WHO better to give us the scoop than the developer of the exhibit himself, Mark Kirby!

We’ve given it a try with our kiddos and it was so much fun and a perfect way to hide away from the heat! There are so many ways to interact and put yourself in the driver’s seat of a spacecraft whether you want to explore a planet, asteroid or the moon! If you kids love video games, they will LOVE this special exhibit!

The exhibit has already made 13 stops across the country after debuting at the Space Center in Houston. Astronauts and shuttle commanders have give the interactive exhibit a try and they approve! Check it out with the kids through September 2018!

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