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August 23, 2017

What’s in Your Bag? with blogger Diana Blinkhorn

By Tampa Bay Parenting

What’s in Your Bag? with blogger Diana Blinkhorn of thegrayruby.com 

From her 115-year old farmhouse in The Heights, Diana Blinkhorn chronicles her days with her husband, pup and three messy-haired baby girls,  writing about the perception of “balancing it all” and giving an inside look into the real and raw side of motherhood on  Thegrayruby.com 

“I want to redefine what it means to have “mom style,” says Diana. “I like yoga pants and Nikes just as much as the next mom, but when it comes to my diaper bag, I want one that is sophisticated, stylish and functional. I don’t want to give up on the idea of having a stylish bag just because I am a mom.” 


Diana Blinkhorn What's in Your Bag Style

My Bag Of Choice: I love my Newlie Diaper Bag. It is beautiful, filled with tons of pockets, easy to clean, and even has an insulated compartment. What makes it even better is that it’s reasonably priced. I get compliments on this bag all the time so I make sure to tell all of my new mom friends about this great find. 

Diana Blinkhorn What's in Your Bag Style Aveda

Aveda Tinted Moisturizer: This is by far my favorite tinted moisturizer. Most days my makeup routine is pretty much nonexistent as I’m juggling all three girls. This is my go-to, a few dabs and it gives me the perfect glow. 

What's in Your Bag Style Diana Blinkhorn Swell

Refillable water bottle: I always make sure my kids are hydrated but I’m not so good about watching out for myself. Recently I’ve started keeping a water bottle in my bag and I’ve noticed it helps me reach my daily H2O goals. 

Diana Blinkhorn What's in Your Bag Style Warby Parker

Sunglasses: A good pair of sunglasses can instantly help you feel put-together, especially on those days when your little ones were keeping you up all night. The bags under your eyes aren’t there if no one can see them. 

Diana Blinkhorn What's in Your Bag Style Pacifica

Deodorant wipes: Lets talk real life. We are running late like always, my daughter forgot her shoes and the baby needed her pacifier and I rushed out of the house and totally forgot the deodorant on the hottest day of the whole year. These wipes have saved me quite a few times. 

Diana Blinkhorn What's in Your Bag Style

Planner: Between ballet and gymnastics, swim lessons and play dates, my mom brain can’t keep it all together. Yes I have my phone but I never feel quite as organized as when I write it down.  


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