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August 10, 2018

Chef Ami: Why you should consider a food delivery service!

By Rebecca Gonzalez

If you’ve been on the fence about signing up for a food delivery service, here are five reasons you should!

You’ll save money.

Food delivery services can seem expensive at first, but they save you money in the long run. Chef Ami sources their ingredients from local farms and providers—many of which are organic and sustainable. These ingredients can be pricey when you purchase them at grocery stores or local markets. The relationship that Chef Ami has built with our local farmers means high quality ingredients and low prices for us!

You won’t waste food.

How many times have you thrown away left overs and thought, “What a waste!” Chef Ami’s food box includes ingredients that arrive in the exact amounts needed. I love to try new recipes and I often end up purchasing large quantities of ingredients that I end up not using again for a while and sometimes throwing away. After cooking, you’ll end up with the perfect serving size for each person. This definitely helps make sure there aren’t left overs that you might end up throwing out. In addition to helping you not waste food, Chef Ami also donates any extra food that they have which is wonderful!

You’ll eat delicious meals that are healthy and easy to make.

How do Shrimp Tostadas with Avocado Salsa and Spring Mix sound? Delicious? Well, they were! Chef Ami’s recipes are flavorful and between 400-700 calories. All you need is salt, pepper, and olive oil. Since everything was already prepackaged, I was able to throw everything together quickly. I didn’t have to measure anything and barely had any dishes to do at the end. With a toddler and a newborn, I was happy to be able to finish the recipe in about 30 minutes.

Photo Credit: Chef Ami Tampa Bay

You’ll be more willing to try new recipes.

I consider myself an adventurous eater and hope to raise my daughters to be the same. I’m always looking for recipes that I can cook for my family that expose them to new flavors. When we received our first Chef Ami box, I was most excited to cook the Indian Butter Chicken with Basmati Rice and Naan. I had never cooked an Indian dish and probably wouldn’t have tried had everything not been provided for me. I was eager to offer this meal to my toddler, too. As a family, we try our best to menu plan and have an idea of what our meals will look like for the week and it was nice to have most of the planning and work done for me.

It’s convenient.

When ordering from Chef Ami, you can choose a plan for two or a family plan that feeds four or six. The deliveries arrive on Wednesdays to your home or office in a container that keeps food cool for up to 12 hours. Their delivery area is within a 20 mile radius of Central Tampa and you can skip or cancel at any time. Oh, and the deliveries are always free!


For more info on Chef Ami visit tampa.chefami.com

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