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February 14, 2018

Celebrate Coral Days at The Florida Aquarium Feb 17-18

By Tampa Bay Parenting

Celebrate the importance of corals with a weekend full of family-friendly activtities at The Florida Aquarium!

If you are looking for a guaranteed good time for the entire family this weekend, head to The Florida Aquarium for a celebration of a very important species…corals! You and the kids will be able to take part in coral themed activities while learning from coral scientists who are working to help grow and protect our world’s coral reefs.

Florida Aquarium Coral Days



The kids can participate in a themed scavenger hunt, create a coral tree and even meet underwater coral farmers!

Fun facts:

Corals are related to ocean jellies and sea anemones.

Corals may only cover one percent of the ocean floor, but play a huge role in the helath of the ocean and our planet.

Here are more details about the special events this weekend: 

Saturday and Sunday
9:30 a.m. – 5 p.m.: Fun, educational coral activities throughout the Aquarium

11 a.m.: Coral Conservation Conversation in the Mosaic Center
Learn about the Aquarium‘s critical coral conservation work from The Florida Aquarium Center for Conservation’s Coral Nursery Manager and Biologist. You’ll learn about imperiled reefs in coastal Florida, how the Aquarium is working to save them and how you can help!

2 p.m.: How Coral Reefs Form & Coral ‘Fragging’ in the Coral Reef habitat room
Join one of the Aquarium Marine Biologists to see and learn how the Aquariumis reproducing staghorn coral through asexual reproduction, or more commonly known as ‘fragging’. You see this endangered species up-close and learn how you can help make a positive impact on our oceans.
Written by The Florida Aquarium.

Florida Aquarium Coral Days



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