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June 22, 2018

Engage your ‘history senses’ during the Tampa Bay History Center’s History Adventure Camp

By Sarah Stoulil

How heavy is a pre-historic Native American shell hammer? What does an authentic Ybor City Cuban Sandwich smell like? Have you spied the murals popping up on the sides of buildings all over downtown Tampa?


Engage all of your senses during the Tampa Bay History Center’s “History Sense” Adventure Camp! Campers will see, hear, touch and taste their way through the history of Tampa Bay and Florida during this week-long adventure.

Campers will get to touch and learn about real historical artifacts, take in the aroma of authentic Florida foods like Cuban bread, see and understand exhibits and how they’re presented in the museum, and notice the details in murals and urban art that surrounds the city.

Campers will also get to explore the History Center’s new “Treasure Seekers: Conquistadors, Pirates and Explorers” gallery and “American Flags: The Stars and Stripes in American History and Culture,” a one-of-a-kind special exhibit that includes American flags dating all the way back to the founding of our nation.

“We want campers to experience the uniqueness of Tampa and the Tampa Bay area,” said Amanda Hoffman, the History Center’s youth programs coordinator. “Our camps use real artifacts and real stories to teach kids about the history and culture of the place they call home. We want to engage their senses – to have them look closely, to listen, to touch the history of our community.”


Located along the Tampa Riverwalk, the History Center should definitely be in your queue this summer. Perfect for a half-day visit with the kids or family, the museum’s three floors of hands on exhibits and theaters take you all the way back to Florida’s first people, 16th-century explorers, Florida pirates and more. All of it presented in a modern, hands on atmosphere that encourages cross-generational learning and engagement.

The History Center’s all-new “Treasure Seekers” gallery dives into Florida’s pirate and shipwreck history, with a full-size replica pirate ship and real shipwreck artifacts recovered of off Florida’s coasts.

Designed for elementary school-aged children ages 7-11.

The History Sense is a week-long camp, July 23 through 27.

Visit TampaBayHistoryCenter.org or call 813-675-8987 to find out more.


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