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October 10, 2017

Father Daughter Ball: Coming Back in November!

By Rosie Raggio

Does your daughter love to get dressed up? Does she dream of going to a ball? This is her chance! For three years, Made Wonderfully Inc has held a Father Daughter Ball for dads/men of influence and their daughters to spend a fun evening together. This year, the Ball is back for the 4th annual event.

The Father Daughter Ball will be held on Saturday, November 4th from 6pm to 10pm at the Regent in Riverview. Get your daughter(s) all fancied up and celebrate the bond between you in a way that is sure to leave her smiling.

At the Ball, fathers and daughters of all ages will be able to enjoy a nice dinner and a dessert bar full of treats that will satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. There will also be a photo booth that will be available for everyone to memorialize the evening. A DJ will be playing music so all fathers and daughters can dance together or dance with their friends. The Ball will also feature a guest speaker.

By taking your daughter to this Ball, you can make sure she gets to spend a special evening with her father or other man of influence. Tickets are available online for only $40 plus a fee for each father daughter pair. Each additional daughter can attend for only $10 plus a fee. Remember, ticket prices will go up a week before the event.

The Father Daughter Ball is meant to be a celebration. Made Wonderfully Inc understands that some people may not be ready for any celebration after the hurricane last month. That’s why there’s also going to be a giveaway of ten tickets for the Ball for those fathers and daughters who would love to go but may not be able to. Anyone can nominate themselves or another family for this opportunity by contacting Made Wonderfully Inc with their #AfterIrma stories and pictures by Monday October 16th. Nominations can be made through Facebook, Instagram, or the website contact page.

Make your daughter feel special by taking her to the annual Father Daughter Ball. It will be a night to remember!


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