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June 20, 2017

The Florida Aquarium: The Splash Pad

By Laura Byrne

The Florida Aquarium re-opened its new and improved splash area in 2017 and it is hands down our favorite place in Tampa Bay to splash, learn and play! “The Splash Pad” features a giant lily pad climbing structure, along with multiple water features and even two covered bug-themed dry play areas. The sandbox is also returning, but not the one you may remember! You’ll find two rowboat sandboxes next to the splash pad and the Snack Shack food truck to nourish empty tummies while you play.

The changes to the splash area are exciting, but the Aquarium isn’t done yet! They will add a 4-D theater this fall and are working on a bar area that will resemble the Sail Pavilion in downtown Tampa, but on a smaller scale. So next time you visit The Florida Aquarium, don’t forget to pack your swimsuits, towels, sunscreen and water shoes!

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