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December 14, 2017

Hillsborough County Schools STEM Director Shares Top Toy Picks

By Tampa Bay Parenting

Are you looking for a toy that is not only fun, but educational for your child, grandchild or friend? We asked the expert, Larry Plank, the director of Hillsborough County Public Schools’ STEM program to share his top STEM toy recommendations for kids of all ages.

STEM TOYS Duplo My First Number Train

DUPLO My First Number Train: Introduce your preschooler to numbers and counting with this fun building set. The building possibilities are endless.  Ages 1 ½-5.  $15.99 on Amazon


STEM Toys Fisher-Price Code-a-Pillar

Think & Learn Code-a-pillar by Fisher Price: Your preschooler will love arranging the code-a-pillar’s segments to send it on a different path! This toy puts their problem solving, planning and critical thinking skills to work. Ages 3-6  $28.99 on Amazon

STEM Toys osmo explorer kit

Osmo Starter Kit: Osmo is an iPad accessory that allows your child  to interact with the iPad through hands on play whether it’s through art, coding, words and more Starter kit is $69.00 on Amazon. Ages 4+

STEM Toys Hi-Res Image GoldieBlox_Invention Mansion (1)

Goldie Blox: The Invention Mansion is GoldieBlox’s answer to the classic dollhouse! Your little engineer can spend hours creating and building a mansion with balconies, a trap door, zip lines, bridges and more! The Goldie Blox product line has something for every budding engineer! Ages 6+.  Prices vary.

STEM TOYS Hi-Res Image of K'Nex _ Education-STEM-Explorations-Swing-Ride-Pkg_300dpi

K’Nex: Playtime with K’Nex will fire up your child’s imagination as they build and create working machines, model cars and more! Ages 7+. Prices vary.

STEM Toys Hi-Res Image Litte Bits Hi-Res Image _Gizmos and Gadgets Kit

Little Bits: The Gadgets and Gizmos Starter Kit provides your child with the tools they need to create more than 16 app-enabled inventions, including thousands more through the online app. Ages 8+.  $199.95

STEM Toys The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab

The Magic School Bus Chemistry Lab: Your little scientist can explore and learn through more than 50 experiments with this science lab in a box. They can create sticky ice, create slime, make a bounce ball, and so much more!  As low as $28.88 on Amazon.

STEM Toys Bloxel

Bloxels Video Game Builder Kit: This is a perfect hands-on game for your child to create and build their own video games using a 13 X 13 game board. Using one block at a time, your child can design their hero and layout a world around this character to create a game of their own.  $30.69 on Amazon.


Article originally appeared in the February 2017 issue of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine.

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