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March 14, 2017

INSIDE LOOK: Dinos Alive at Lowry Park Zoo!

By Laura Byrne

Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine social mom and blogger Lisa Marie Leihy recently went on a prehistoric adventure with the folks at Lowry Park Zoo to experience the new Dinos Alive! exhibit!

She stepped back in time by about 65 million years to go nose to nose with life size dinosaurs including the feathered Citipati, the tall Brachiosaurus and the all time favorite of so many kids…the Tyrannosaurus Rex! As you wander through the exhibit, you are walk in the shoes of a paleontologist, interacting with the prehistoric creatures as they move and roar.

You can pose for photos with the kids on the green screen, dig for dinosaur bones in the sand pit, play dino games and so much more! The best part is, this is all included in your zoo admission or FREE for zoo members! The dinosaurs are only here for a limited time, so don’t miss out!

When you get hungry after a long dino tour, be sure to stop into the Dino Grille for delicious…and we mean DELICIOUS…dino treats! Our favorites are the T-Rex-a-Dilla, Meteor Meatloaf and of course, the super chocolatey Dino Dung browning dessert! The food is truly delicious. We highly recommend trying it, so don’t make lunch or dinner plans elsewhere.

Learn more at lowryparkzoo.org.

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