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May 26, 2020

INSIDE LOOK | See what it’s like as MOSI Reopens

By Laura Byrne

The list of of attractions welcoming guests once again after COVID-19 pandemic related closures is growing in Tampa Bay.

On Wednesday, May 27, MOSI will become one of the first science centers in the country to reopen. A process that started almost as soon as the museum doors closed.

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“We had taken the time, once we temporarily closed, to begin a general cleaning process. We’ve done deep cleanings of the exhibits, carpets, we stripped and re-waxed all of the classroom floors, added hand sanitizer stations…we were really adequately positioned to reopen,” explained MOSI’s chief operating officer Rob Lamke.

When guests arrive at MOSI, they will notice some pretty obvious changes. The most apparent will be the reminders to practice social distancing. From floor markers, wall stickers and signage…it’s hard to miss.

The museum will also only open at 50% capacity and will keep a handful of exhibits closed like the crawl tunnels and Virtual Reality Experience. Two areas where it’s hard to maintain a safe social distance. The outside Ropes course will be closed at first, but should reopen soon.

Like most attractions, you’ll notice sneeze guards at check-in. Guest facing staff members will be wearing masks and you’ll see sanitizing wipes at most hands on exhibits. While most staff will be wearing a mask, guests will not be required to wear one.

“I think what we want everybody to understand is to. have fun. We’ve done the cleaning we needed to do, We are providing enough hand sanitizer stations as well as hand wipes at each exhibit. If you’re a responsible guest her at e MOSI, have fun. Wipe down things before you use them. Stay six feet away from other guest. Just have fun,” said Lamke.

The museum will be increasing the frequency of cleaning exhibits throughout the day as well.

WATCH as we share what you can expect when you head to MOSI:



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