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January 4, 2019

INSIDE LOOK | The Pigeon Comes to Tampa! exhibit at Glazer Children’s Museum

Why I love Mo Willems and You Should Too!

The Pigeon is coming to Tampa! I am ecstatic to share that the Glazer Children’s Museum is bringing The Pigeon Comes to Tampa! A Mo Willems Exhibit, January 19-May 12. This interactive traveling exhibit brings to life the beloved children’s books by author and illustrator Mo Willems. It is goofy and adorable, complete with a hotdog slinger, a Naked Mole Rat fashion show, Knuffle Bunny’s Laundromat, and even the Pigeon’s bus!  

There are tons of reasons you should visit this exhibit and still more reasons to love Mo Willems. Even as an adult, I laugh out loud reading the antics of best friends Elephant and Piggie. My kids love the Pigeon’s sense of adventure and silly sarcasm, and they giggle every time Wilbur the Naked Mole Rat gets dressed. But these books are more than just fun bedtime stories, they teach key skills for social and emotional wellness.

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The illustrations are simple yet full of expression that helps tell the story without causing distraction. Unlike typical narrative-style children’s books, these stories are told through the character’s dialogue and inner monologue. Without a narrator to explain the nuances of what’s happening, kids must interpret nonverbal cues like facial expressions and mannerisms to understand the characters’ actions and emotions.

Can you imagine if everyone had these skills? Mo Willems is helping us raise emotionally intelligent kids who will grow up to create a more empathetic world. So pick up some of his books from your local library or visit The Pigeon Comes to Tampa! A Mo Willems Exhibit at the Glazer Children’s Museum to get your kids hooked too!

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Photos from the exhibit:

The Pigeon Comes to Tampa Glazer Children's Museum


The Pigeon Comes to Tampa Glazer Children's Museum

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