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October 3, 2018

MOSI Celebrates World Space Weekend October 6 and 7

By Laura Byrne

MOSI will be celebrating World Space Weekend on Saturday, October 6 and Sunday, October 7 with a line-up of special events that are out of this world! You and the kids can create and launch air-powered rockets, design and build space armor and even see the premier of the movie, ‘From Dream to Discovery’ in the Saunders Planetarium!
Interested? We knew you would be! Here’s what’s on schedule:
Fun-Powered Rockets – 10 a.m. thru 5 p.m.
Rocketeers are invited to design, build and launch air-powered rockets.
Cardboard Space Arcade – 10 a.m. thru noon; 2 thru 4 p.m.
Guests are invited to play arcade games created by the MOSI Makers Club for the Global Cardboard Challenge! (Saturday 10/6 Only)
Space Armor – 10 a.m. thru 5 p.m.
Your space mission is in trouble! Can you design and build space armor to survive? Take part in one of our space engineering workshops…before it’s too late.
Have Space Suit Will Travel – 1 p.m. & 4:30 p.m.
Prepare for your space adventure by learning what to pack in this science show that’s jam-packed with science and silliness.
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