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December 21, 2017

MOSI: Tampa’s favorite science museum

By Tampa Bay Parenting

By Rob Lamke, MOSI

After a 90-day renovation project, the new MOSI re-opened its doors on Nov. 18, 2017! While many things have changed at the new MOSI, the location hasn’t yet. MOSI is still located at 4801 East Fowler in Tampa while plans for an eventual move to Downtown Tampa in 2022 take shape.  

“A renovation project with a tight schedule from start to finish is always a challenge,” says MOSI Chief Operating Officer Rob Lamke. “It has really been a labor of love as we transition from one building into another on campus, adding new visuals, exhibits and interactive displays. I am happy to report that MOSI’s renovation is on schedule and we are looking forward to welcoming the community back in.” 

The New MOSI has many of your old favorites such as Bed of Nails, Cargo, Loading, the Hurricane Machine, IdeaZone, Mission Moon Base and Slippery Science – the Tampa Bay Lightning themed and sponsored exhibit. It will also open a new exhibit experience called CONNECTUS, where guests can see and feel the future with many state-of-art displays and technologies. The exhibit also shows the ongoing commitment MOSI has to being the community leader in STEM and STEAM programs. 

To improve the guest experience, areas of the New MOSI will be specifically themed and named. “Journey Through the Skies” will feature space and weather themed exhibits. “I Wonder” provides a core science experience with hands-on physics, optics, math and more. “A Look Inside” showcases nutrition and the human body.  

In addition to the new exhibit space, MOSI plans on launching “MOSI in Motion” in 2018. This expansion of its current educational outreach program has the goal of bringing 1,350 high-quality in-school science experiences a year to Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, Hardee, Desoto and Manatee Counties. Working directly with schools and school districts, MOSI will provide an all-day hands-on science experience to students and teachers.  

The new MOSI promises to deliver an exciting environment for fun and connecting the community to science and art. For sneak previews and more information on the reopening, be sure to follow MOSI on Facebook, Twitter (@mositampa) and Instagram. Or check out www.mosi.org. 

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