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August 7, 2017

Hurry to MOSI to catch 5 attractions before the remodel!

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Some exciting changes are around the corner at MOSI this month!

It’s not a move to Downtown Tampa yet — while that’s in the works, it’s still five years or so away. What’s coming up in August is MOSI’s big remodel in its current home.

Starting  Aug. 14, MOSI will close for three months to start preparing for its eventual relocation and to become more financially sustainable. MOSI will re-open — right where it is now in North Tampa — on  Nov. 18  with a lower ticket price, a more jam-packed experience full of hands-on science, and a major new exhibit on future technologies. 

But as MOSI remodels, some experiences will be coming to an end. Here are the top five things at MOSI to try with your family before they end on  Aug. 13. 


See an IMAX® Movie 

Experience a giant, immersive movie in the Florida Hospital IMAX® DOME Theatre before the theatre at MOSI closes permanently on  Aug. 14. One film is included with MOSI general admission. The August schedule, including the films  Wild Africa  and  ROBOTS, is at  mosi.org/imax. 


Balance on the High Wire Bike 

Test your nerves and the laws of physics! Put your feet on the pedals and put your trust in science as you strap into MOSI’s High Wire Bike and ride on a one-inch-thick wire three stories above MOSI’s lobby! 


Let a Butterfly Land on You 

Experience the magic of butterflies fluttering all around — and taking a rest on you inside MOSI’s BioWorks Butterfly Garden! Peek into the science of life as caterpillars become butterflies. MOSI plans to relocate the butterfly garden to a different site when the remodeling begins. 

Watch a Plant Eat a Bug 

Yeah, it’s a little gross — but it’s also fascinating! In the Coleman-Lienhart Savage Garden, carnivorous plants like Venus flytraps, sundews, and more each have fascinating ways of making insects into meals! 


Ride Out a Hurricane with Your Whole Family 

Blast your buddies with 75-miles-an-hour winds! MOSI will feature a three-person hurricane simulator in its remodeled space, but until  Aug. 13, you can pack your whole family into MOSI’s giant Gulf Coast Hurricane simulator. 

Then come back to visit MOSI starting  Nov. 18  to check out the new exhibit and returning favorites like The Saunders Planetarium, Sky Trail® Ropes Course and Zip Line, Mission: Moonbase NASA lunar colony, bed of nails, and more than 100 other experiences! Learn more: mosi.org.

*MOSI will re-open for a FREE special event to celebrate the Great American Eclipse on August 21 from 1pm-3:30pm. There will be hands-on activities, an astronomy presentation and you’ll get to view the eclipse! 

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