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October 12, 2017

Music & Arts Brandon Grand Opening!

By Rosie Raggio

For all you music lovers out there: Music & Arts has opened a new location in Brandon! As part of the 65th anniversary celebration, there have been new stores opening up around the country, including Brandon.

While the Brandon store is already open, the celebration isn’t over yet. On October 21st from 10am to 3pm, Music & Arts Brandon will be hosting a Grand Opening event. This event will feature live music, prizes, giveaways, games, face-painting and more.

And the party keeps going even after the Grand Opening! Music & Arts stores around the nation offer music lessons for a multitude of instruments, from guitar, drums and piano to banjo, mandolin and bassoon. To see what instrument lessons are available in the Brandon location, you can check their list of instructors. Even if the store doesn’t offer the instrument you’re looking for, the instructors can teach you music theory, a sure way to improve your playing ability. No matter what you’re looking for, Music & Arts will be able to find a way to help you.

Music & Arts also offers instrument rentals. An instrument rental is perfect for students in school bands or for anyone to decide whether they want to commit to learning. If a rental isn’t permanent enough for you, you can also purchase your instruments online or straight from the store. Guitars, ukuleles, violins, trumpets, trombones, and more are all available for purchase at the Brandon store. With each instrument, you will have many options to choose from, making sure you find your perfect match.

Now, maybe you already have an instrument and know how to play it. Music & Arts still has something for you! Anyone can always endeavor to learn a new instrument with the talented teachers and personalized lesson plans. And even if that’s not in the books for you, you can still head over to Music & Arts for the repair shop. These repair shops are manned by leading professional technicians, so you can be sure your instrument is in safe, capable hands.

All are welcome to join in on the Grand Opening celebration! It’ll be an event to remember and a great start to Music & Art’s career in Brandon.

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