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September 12, 2018

Pasco County Schools Enhance Event Security Procedures

Pasco County Schools Enhanced Event Security Procedures Begin This Week.

Land O’ Lakes, FL – (September 12, 2018) – Pasco County Schools will enforce new event safety procedures beginning with home football games on Friday, September 14.

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The procedures generally fall under:

  • Bag Procedure
  • Only clear plastic, clear vinyl, or clear Ziploc bags are permitted.
  • Backpacks, fanny packs, purses, and duffle bags are prohibited.
  • Student athletes are permitted to bring bags. These bags are subject to search.
  • An exception will be made for medically necessary items, diaper bags, and properly credentialed school and professional photographers’ camera bags. These bags will be subject to search prior to entry, unless the item meets the clear bag guidelines.
  • Clear bags with items of concern also may be searched.
  • There will be separate lines for patrons without bags for expedited entry.
  • Bag search areas will be located so as not to impede crowd movement into venues.
  • Bag rules will be posted in multiple locations at each school, and on school websites and social media.

Patron Code of Conduct

Students are expected to abide by the Pasco County Schools Student Code of Conduct.  Adult fans are expected to abide by rules for civility, and are prohibited from unruly, disruptive, or illegal behavior.  Specific rules will be listed on the Patron Code of Conduct signs that will be posted in multiple locations at each school.

Prohibited Items

The following ists of prohibited and allowed items will be posted in multiple locations at each school, and on school websites and social media.  Prohibited items include:

Weapons of any kind
Any item that could be used as a missile
Aerosol or spray bottles (including those of sunscreen)
Recreational balls
Illegal drugs
Alcoholic beverages of any kind
Pets (exceptions will be made for service animals)
Sticks/Poles/Camera “Selfie” Sticks/Extenders or Gimbals
Unmanned aircraft systems & radio controlled model aircraft/drones (strictly prohibited on stadium property including parking lots, stadium exterior and inside the stadium)
Food and drinks not purchased at the venue

Allowed Items

Ponchos if worn, carried over the arm, or in original sealed clear package
Blankets and/or towels if unrolled or unfolded
Small, handheld radios or TVs with earphones
Binoculars, worn around the neck or carried (not in a case)
Cameras with carry strap (not in a case)
Sunscreen lotion (no aerosol or spray bottles)
Banners and/or flags without sticks or poles
Laptops/tablets (not in a case)
Seat cushions

General Security Protocols

No re-entry will be allowed into games if a patron leaves, and no tickets will be sold after the beginning of the 4th quarter for football and basketball.  Parking lots will be cleared immediately after games, and no loitering or after parties will be allowed.

These rules were developed in conjunction with the Pasco Sheriff’s Office after violence occurred following two Florida high school football games this season, and after surveying other school districts that are implementing similar procedures.  School leaders have discretion to implement additional rules.  Rules and guidelines for other sporting events will be released as needed.

To view the complete procedures and see signage examples, click here.