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August 17, 2017

Photography Tips | Easy ways to capture genuine smiles from your kids!

Local blogger shares tips on how to style and capture genuine smiles during your child’s next photoshoot.

Picture this! Your kids are getting along famously… no fighting, no arguing, just smiles and sweetness. Now capture that moment and frame it so you can gaze fondly upon it over and over again, especially when they turn around and grow up on you. 

RunwayTranslator.com and Theresa NeSmith Photography

As far as kid portraits go, I’m a huge fan of styling the shoots in a casual, familiar manner. Natural light photographer, Theresa NeSmith agrees. Enter my kids, the models shown here. We created a scene tailored for them. This tends to evoke more natural smiles and it helps the children relax and have fun. Consider the subject, your child, and try to find props that allow them to express themselves in ways that represent who they actually are at this time in their lives. If they like to read, use books. If they like to dance, play their favorite music and watch them bust a move for the camera. The end result is usually a wonderfully endearing framer that you and your family can adore for generations to come. 

RunwayTranslator.com and Theresa NeSmith PhotographyIn addition to creating a great backdrop, an equally important part of the ‘perfect kid portrait formula’ is, of course, their wardrobe. Rather than dressing them in matching onesies or overly thought-out ensembles, find pieces that complement the scene and represent the best of your kid’s sweet personality. When working with two or more, try to coordinate the color scheme of the looks without being too contrived. Be sure to pump up the style factor ever so slightly, this is a portrait after all.  

The key is to think of this experience as a captured moment in time, plucked directly from the pages of the most stylish version of your life’s book. While there is something quite stately and classic about a formal family portrait, we have found that these casual shoots tend to make the kids feel more comfortable, which usually translates to lots of smiles and great photos. 

Photos by Theresa NeSmith Photography. Clothing provided by Silly Dilly Tot Spot and Why Tots Boutique in South Tampa. RunwayTranslator.com and Theresa NeSmith Photography


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