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September 18, 2018

Join Raffi at the Tampa Theatre!

By Katelyn Schur

The acclaimed family entertainer, Raffi just celebrated his 70th birthday! To continue the celebration, he has released a brand new album called Dog on the Floor and has organized a series of concerts across North America! His tour will be bringing him back to Florida, to the Tampa Theatre on January 19th for a nostalgic evening of family fun and sing-alongs! Buy tickets HERE.

Raffi takes pride in being an advocate for children, which he is best known for, through his work as an entertainer, with both gold and platinum-selling recordings of his hit song “Baby Beluga”. He has also published three books of his own geared towards adults and holds four honorary degrees himself.

The Washington Post once referred to Raffi as “the most popular children’s singer in the English-speaking world”! His awards stretch outside the United States and into Canada when he was the recipient of the Order of Canada. He also received the United Nations’ Earth Achievement Award. He takes pride in treating all with respect and equality, especially his young fans, changing the children’s music genre ever since.

His 25th most recent album, Dog on the Floor is packed full of 15 singable songs loaded with imagination, fun, and most importantly learning that Raffi has always infiltrated into his music. Raffi is thrilled to be heading to Tampa where he will be introducing his new album! “I love singing with and for children and families,” says Raffi. “I look forward to hearing Tampa’s ‘Beluga Grads’ and their kids singing favorites like ‘Baby Beluga,’ ‘Down by the Bay,’ and ‘Bananaphone!”

Perhaps Raffi’s biggest accomplishment, aside from his music, was his founding of the non-profit Center for Child Honoring in 2010. Their motto, “Respecting Earth & Child”, is the primary goal of the non-profit. Their focus is on a global effort to honor children, which they believe will result in more supportive, peaceful societies. To learn more about Raffi or his non-profit Centre, visit www.raffinews.com or www.childhonouring.org.