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January 18, 2019

RECYCLE Your Gasparilla Beads and Get Admission Discounts at Florida Aquarium!

By Laura Byrne

Once the Gasparilla parade season comes to a close, we often ask ourselves…what to do with all of those BEADS???

While the challenge to collect the beads is half the fun on parade day, figuring out what to do with them once you’re home can be even more challenging which is why the Florida Aquarium is extending an offer you won’t want to refuse!

In exchange for your beads, they’ll offer you a discount on admission. The more beads you bring in, the more of a discount you’ll receive. In fact, you might even get FREE admission! Here’s the breakdown:

10 pounds of beads: $10 discount on admission

20 pounds of beads: $20 discount on admission

30+ pounds of beads: FREE ADMISSION (NOW this is a goal to strive for!)

The offer is good through January 27, 2019.

There is good reason behind the campaign to collect your beads. It’s estimated that 5 million + strands of beads are thrown into the air each parade season in Tampa! That’s 112 TONS of beads, y’all,

Unfortunately, some of that ends up in our waterways which is no good for wildlife. As much as 3-4 tons of beads are collected as garbage.

The Florida Aquarium will take your donated beads and give them to agencies that will be able to reuse them which means everyone wins!

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